Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Desert Polo Invite IV

1. The Guardians
2. Con Safos
3. Dark Horse
4. Gardeners
5. Portland Doug Firs
6. Grass Assault
7. Los Rebeldes - ATX
8. Portland United
9. Heavy Hitters
10. Beard Fear
11. Two and a Half Men
12. Space Raiders

Monday, January 9, 2012

South Central Championships! and other news! (edit)

Ok folks, it is official, the NA Hardcourt Bike Polo South Central Championships are going to be hosted in Austin Texas this year.  This is a Regional Qualifier for the North American Championships later this year, so get your team together, get training, and come ready to slay the damn court!  The dates are April 14-15th 7th-8th starting at 9am both days!!

There are only going to be 32 spots available for teams to register.  So this means you better be ready when registration opens up!  South Central Represent!

Just in case you didn't know who is in the SC region:  Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and Mexico!  There are 29 clubs registered on the league of bike polo site in the SC region, surely we can fill this tourney up with regional players!?!

Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club Members:
We've done this in the past so I know it will work again, we need to design our poster, and since we have so many creative and artistic people in our club, it would be nice to have a poster design competition again.  Who's down?  All you need to do is draw/design something up and if it's voted as numero uno by the club, we will work to digitize it and make it web/poster/t-shirt worthy!

Since the tourney is in April we need to get a poster together soon!  So let's say by the end of the month we will all have submitted our designs and we can have a club meeting to vote on our favorite!  SO THE END OF JANUARY IS THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A POSTER!  WE CAN VOTE THE FIRST WEEK IN FEBRUARY!

On another note, January 25th is our clubs official birthday.  That falls on a Wednesday, so let's celebrate the Sunday before on the 22nd.   Last year we went and played at each of the courts we've played at since polo started in ATX.  This year we can do anything you all want, but let's do one thing for sure!  GROUP PICTURE!  It's always nice to get everyone together and have a nice group photo!  Any ideas on location or timing will be appreciated!  So start thinking about it!

3,2,1 go!