Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reflections on the 2012 South East Championship

As I sit here with the last of my sunburn fading, I reminiscence on the South East Championships held in Fort Lauderdale a few weeks ago. What started out as a 10 hour ride to Mobile Alabama with fellow club member Rob, ended another 10 hours later after picking up AB on the way to the tournament. While 20 hours in the car can be...... rough, we had plenty to keep us occupied. When we arrived at the pickup courts at about 9, the lights went off as soon as we got our bikes together. Not a strong start, no pickup for us. We ended up meeting the other Texas players at our hotel at the Red Carpet Inn (excellent cheap hotel by the way) and partied at the Beach House where everyone else was Friday Night. 

Saturday began somewhat late we though, as we were all in the PM bracket. Arriving at the courts at Noon we figured the AM bracket would be well underway, but was only just beginning. While warming up with some pickup, I was put on my left shoulder and both wrists hard by a wild lefty. I didnt think it was so bad until I realized I had bruised a sunburn the next day. My playing wasnt affected and Edgar Allen Polo won 3 and tied 1 game, no losses. I took it Mucho Easy Saturday night with a grade A farmer tan from the sleveless cut off shirt I had to be cool and wear before donning my teams sweet sweet Camo jerseys.

Sunday started much more promptly, but as we had done well, my team had a buy first round. We then proceeded to lose our first game against the all Mobile team, because Brittany is a brick house in goal. Huff and puff as I might, only 1 goal was to be had and Mobile put 3 strong ones in on us. In the loser bracket we did quite well, proceeding to win our next 3 I believe until we faced Danny and Florida Bob's (as I will call him) team, the Funk Buddies. They got us 3 to 4 I believe and it was a hard fought battle. Edgar Allen Polo took home 5th overall right behind my fellow All Texas team Get It God Damn. 

The awards ceremony was the single most prizes Ive ever seen given out at a polo tournament and everyone got something. I got a sweet Chunk Qualified Polo Shirt, which is rad as all hell. Rob ended up winning a Mario frame and fork for being the crowds Most Sportsmanship guy, and he deserves the frame. A great time was had by all and  I for one am glad I spent 40 hours total in a car to come play polo and party with the South East region. See yall soon!

-Bob R

Monday, May 21, 2012

.... SEQ 12....

1st - ATL (Christopher, Eric ATL, Jason SEA)
2nd - D-Quads (Robert ATX, Tina, Kevin MOLO)
3rd - Funk Buddies (Danny MIA, Chris, Bob TLH)
4th - Get it god damn (kristina ATX, Diego, Alekos HOU)
5th - Edgar Allan Polo (Bob ATX, Tyler FTM, Seamus OXF)
5th - proud dog white (Bruce BLM, Shelley CHS, James MLJ)
7th - I don't know (hunter ATH, christi FTL)
7th - Polo Household (BritneyHill, justin, porch MOLO)
9th - SatchVag (Frederick CRG, Thomas JAX, Andy NIP)
9th - Rev 6:7-8 (Kyle ??, Tomohiko, Joseph TPA)
9th - Stay at Home Dads (Eric, Mark, Zack ATH)
9th - Solar Bears (travis GNV, Arnold, jimmy TLH)
13th - Rowdy Queens (Tiffany LEX, Emily, parker TPA)
13th - Buttery Discharge (Theo, Shea, James SAV)
13th - Cherri On Top (Nicholas, Jacob FTM, Cherri JAX)
13th - Philthy Florida (AB ??, James FTM, Marco Philly)
17th - Los Bori (rubenier, Jesus, gandul SJU)
17th - The Big Wieners (Stuart, Jonathan, Patrick ORL)
17th - Naptime (Robert, David, Zach FTM)
17th - Animal Tested (k FTL, Alix, Quinlan ORL)
17th - Tres Leches (Eric, Sergio, Chris MIA)
17th - Half Drunk Tactics (Miguel HOU, Jacques, Bernard MOLO)
17th - The Nads ! (Corey, Shaun CRG, oliver JAX)
17th - Pollos Locos (JJ JAX, Nick, Jeremy MIA)

.... SCC 12 ....

1st - Just Say MO (Nick, Charlie COMO, Ben STL)
2nd - Sea-Kings (chandel., Miguel ATX, Seabass SEA)
3rd - Barely Legal (kouyo, joey, Sterling SEA)
4th - The Heavy Hitters (Drew, Andre', Jason SEA)
5th - Knowing Your Rival (George COS, Brandon DEN, Jason PHX)
5th - Los Rebeldes (Jason ??, Robert, Pelon ATX)
7th - POLO-5-EVER (Duncan, Jared DEN, Peter LKS)
7th - Gunther's Revenge (Sarah, Brian LA, Davey TEM)
9th - Mucho Take It Easy (Bob ATX, Diego, Miguel HOU)
9th - JAGWOLVES (Maxxx, scooter SEA, Valley VAN)
9th - Tri Coast United (Zach ATX, donnie LA, Marco Philly)
9th - Starmaggedon (Gray, kristina ATX, machine SF)
13th - kick my head if you want (Elise, Maureen, Fabian ATX)
13th - Stew Pit (David, David, Art SAT)
13th - Larry and the HANDersons (Aaron COMO, Spencer, Malakai LKS)
13th - Pabst Smears (Nathan, Brandon, Dan LIT)
17th - Blind Dates (Kelli DEN, Adam MEM, Jean SAT)
17th - Peace, Love, and Polo (Jasmine, Cyrus, Michael ATX)
17th - Funkytown (Brian ??, Dylan DFW, Jeff FTW)
17th - Enter Witty/Mildly Offensive Team Name Here (Arthur, Josh ATX, Justin PDX)
17th - Power Bottom Brackets (Daniel, Adylle, Alekos HOU)
17th - Tulsa (Nic COMO, Stevenso, phillip TUL)
17th - Nay-Nate and the Left-handed Cyclops (Dan, Lembo, NayNate ATX)
17th - Borracho Beans (Lindsey HOU, Jesus SAT, Chris SMC)