Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day of Polo!

Your court misses you! Come out on Thursday and play! 5:30 is the usual time, if you get there first, come by my house and pick up the stuff! The weather looks to be nice and slightly warm. I may be at the courts some time mid-day just messing around if anyone wants to join me.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The weather is looking pretty crappy, I'm not going to go out tonight at midnight, and not sure about the south side pick up, but I would venture to say that may get rained out as well. Good day to watch some polo videos!


CHCH Bike Polo - Helmet Cam from Polo Camo on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

This weekend

Ok, I know I said I would be in town to play on Saturday if anyone wanted to meet up, well I lied, I'm not going to be back until Sunday morning. So, if you were getting excited, sorry, I'll be with my family.

Sunday Polo at 2:00 p.m. till whenever you all get tired!


Monday, December 21, 2009

This week's polo Info:


I understand Gabe is out of town for the holidays, but if you want to get your polo on at the South Side courts I'll bet there will be several peeps headed out there at 5:30 p.m.

If you can't make it to this and don't mind staying up late, I'll be out at the Capitol at Midnight, to meet anyone wanting to go hit the ball around. The last 3 weeks, no one has shown up, so someone come out and play with me. We can play kenball if nothing else... what's kenball you ask... well come find out!


There won't be any polo on Thursday, unless you can manage to scrounge up some of the folks, but don't expect anyone to be at Eastwoods! Go spend time with your family and friends!


This Saturday if anyone would like to meet up for some informal pick up or kenball, let me know. I'll most likely be back in town that afternoon and would like to meet up with anyone willing to play.


Sunday will be a regular polo day. We'll have a guest from Madison visiting us, Johnny Hunter, so come out and let's show him a good time. 2:00 p.m. if not sooner is the time, I'll most likely be out there before 2 if the weather is nice!

that's all for now!

3,2,1 Polo!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Sunday FUNDAY!!!

Hey it's Sunday, and it's almost that...

2:00 p.m. @ Eastwoods Park

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too many ideas, so little time to post....

Hey, to all who have gone to the South Side pick up on Tuesday...

I was wondering if this would be a good opportunity for us to have an actual Beginners day? Some cities do this when the level of competition gets too high for those just learning. I know we're not all that good yet, but it can be a daunting task to jump in a game with skilled players. If we market this day as a beginners day, I'll bet we can get a bunch more people to come out regularly.

What do you all think?

Not saying that only beginners can go to this, but they would have priority over people like myself or Miguel when the mallets are being tossed. I'll try and find out how many clubs across the country have beginners day.

Comment below to have a say!

South Central Region on .ca

Hey everyone! (or those who frequent The League of Bike Polo website)

Get on there and join the group for the South Central Region! We are officially a Region now. I am waiting to hear back from a few of the clubs to get their representatives, and once I have them all, I'll post up the info on the South Central Region site, so everyone knows who to contact in what area. From there, the club reps will then choose 3 regional reps to do the dirty deeds with the NAHBP peeps. This is exciting y'all, and if you don't think so, you are not taking bike polo seriously enough!

As you can see, I'm the only member so far! I also hope you can see we've added Mexico to our group in the South Central! Yeah, there is one club in Mexico, hopefully we'll see them before too long!

p.s. it seems .ca has officially switched over to a .com, so all my references to .ca, I'm really referring to, formerly known as


For those who were going to STL:

Hey everyone who has "signed-up" for the lock-in on .ca,

After much consideration, some amount of hand-wringing, and many failed attempts to get a title sponsor to pay the rental fee for 23 hours at the Skatium, StL bike polo has finally arrived at a formula that we think is going to make this event a success. Due to space/capacity issues, food budgets, fair access to the one court in the place, etc. We have decided to limit entry to this event to 80 persons, and to charge 20 dollars per. This will include 4 meals, snacks, beer, water, and coffee.

The show will go more-or-less as follows: All games all day and night will be played to 10 minutes. We have a scoreboard with a time clock and a buzzer. 4/5ths of these will be straight pick-up. Once an hour, a called game will be had. These will be distributed by lottery, which means if you already know who your three are, and which three you want to play, that's are 6 chances for that game to be had sometime during the event.
Weather averages for St Louis for that time of year are a high of 37 and a low of 21, it is usually clear and dry the third weekend of January. I say this for two reasons: 1. To let all the yahoos from south of here who plan on coming know to dress warm, and 2. To say that if you feel that you aren't getting enough polo, our regular Sunday pick up court is 3 miles up the road from the Skatium.

To reserve your spot, please paypal us 20 dollars via " Lucky at " Careful records will be kept and full refunds will be given to people whose availability changes between now and January 16th. This is the paypal account that I conduct St. Cago Polo Works business through, if that helps anyone get over sending money to a near stranger. Full disclosure of all funds taken in and how they were spent will be available after the event.

A block of 20 tickets have been reserved for Saturday night's Blues vs Rangers NHL game. These tickets will be 39 dollars each. We will be traveling by city bus, which is 2.25 each way and happens to go door to door from the Skatium to the Scottrade Center. If you are interested in attending the hockey game, make a note of it in your reservation and, if you are able, send that 39 dollar ticket price at the same time.

I'll do my damndest to keep the tallies updated on the Tournament thread, so you can all feel that deadline and make your travel plans.

Thanks in advance for all your trust, we're looking forward to filling your bellies, wetting your throats, and keeping you up all night playing polo indoors in the dead of winter. -Lucky and all of StL Bike Polo

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today!! Lot's of polo happening..

Today is Tuesday!

South Side courts today at 5 p.m.

Midnight at the Capitol

Monday, December 14, 2009

Australian polo!

More COMO stuff....

... those of you in Como remember the girl running around with all those big cameras, well she has published her stuff to the web...

Mito Habe-Evans -

check it out! The studio shots of those COMO guys are pretty cool, that's kind of what I was talking about here...

Also, check out another Mito did on the ComoPolo crew!

Shifting gears - Bike Polo

Sunday Pics!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a great day for POLO!!!

It's Beautiful outside, I'll be up at the courts soon!

3,2,1, Polo!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Some ideas to ponder....,

I don't know how well most of you really know me, but when I'm not at work, already playing polo, or spending time with my family, I pretty much think of nothing but bike polo, in general, Austin bike polo more specifically, and things we can do, to not only grow, but to have fun and get our sport and our ideas out there. Of the things I've been thinking of lately, here are the ones I've actually decided to pursue!

I know I've already mentioned this one, but I want to get a group photo of all of us. I know not everyone will be in it, but if we can get almost everyone that comes out regularly, I would be so happy. This is important and I'll explain in a sec....

Another thing I want to do, involving pictures, is to create a player bio type of thing for the blog. I want to get a few questions together related to why you come and play polo, and a picture of everyone individually to post up on the blog. I think some of you would also like to see what other people have to say, and the general public will enjoy it too. If you have any ideas on this, talk to me...

Besides getting more and more people to come out and play polo, I want to take what we have to the next level. I would like to get people to start organizing into semi-permanent teams for a season of league play. We should try out a organized league. This will give everyone a chance to play with a team for more than one or two pick up games, which is a major part of polo, team work. It will also allow the teams willing to travel to tournaments to have a chance to get some practice as a team. It will most likely work something like this: every team will play every other team. Each league match will be a 2 out of 3 game match. So, you will have to play each team at least 2 times, essentially, but possibly 3 times. Then each score will be recorded and the winner at the end of the season will get a prize or something fun and exciting. More to come on this...

Now, finally... not that it's completely official, I feel like our little "Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club" is about to reach a one year anniversary!! Even though Mason was getting people to come out to play polo before this, January 25, 2009 was the first official day Nick Ganci and I got polo going after Mason's dropping off. So, in 2010, Sunday, January 24 is the day I would like to celebrate the creation of the ATXBPSC. I want to do something extra special. A big party with a keg and food, fireworks, and everything else crazy that comes to mind, should be in order. If you have any other ideas let me know... Oh this is why a group picture is important, it's been a year... now, if we can get another group picture on January 24th and have everyone, including Mason, Allen, Chris, Nic and Les, if he can get off work, then we will have a true atxbpsc photo to document or progress! dorky, maybe, but so much fun!

Oh oh, oh, and let's see if we can't find a new bigger court, or something more permanent for some walls for our current court... think about it, nothing rushing any of this.

Sunday at Eastwoods Park at 2:00 p.m. is when I'll be out there. As I've told many, I sit out there alone for at least an hour, so if you have nothing going on, come out and let's play!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, today, I assume someone will come by and pick up the cones and the extra mallet or two I have laying around, along with a ball or two, I also have laying around, to start polo at or around 5:30. I'm not going to spend time calling you all to figure out who that person is, I know you all will get it. I always try to spend a little extra time away from work on Thursdays, on my break, to come play, and I'm hoping today is no different, its certainly a beautiful day so far.

For Sunday, let's get as many poloers out to the courts as possible to take a group picture for the holidays. I think that would be nice, plus it will be like a pre-party to the Holiday party Jasmine is hosting at her place on Monday, the 14th. If you can't make it out, don't worry, I'm fairly proficient at photoshop and can just add you in at a later time, to the picture, not the party! Maybe we can have a cookout or something similar on Sunday to encourage you fools to come out. Plus, I won't get to see you all on Monday, as I will be working, so it will give me a chance to party too! Four LOKOS for everyone!!!! j/k

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is it Midnight yet...?

Hey everyone, so it's Tuesday, which means a polo day!!! YAY!

Word is, that once we find a suitable south court, some of the South siders will be doing a Tuesday afternoon polo session, much like Thursday, somewhere closer to them. As of now, it's still in the works, but keep an eye on the blog or on Facebook for info.

Tuesday Midnight Guerrilla polo is still happening like always, so come out at midnight if you don't have anything going on or don't have to get up early on Wednesday morning. It's sure to be fun. Now if it's raining, give me a call or check the blog just before midnight and I'll update whether or not I'm coming out, not that it always means it's off... just means I pussed out, ha!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Bike Polo Session...

...and Sunday

This just out....


Double Elim Standings

1 - Hymen, I'm Back! - Austin - Rob, Miguel, Charlie
2 - Big Red - Ft. Lauderdale - Jared, Seth, Christian
3 - Como Polio - Columbia - Pete, Charlie, Vince
4 - Lonesome Beards - New Orleans/Baton Rouge - Travis, Mikey, Cien
5 - Pandzig - Philadelphia/New Orleans - Cris, Peter, Jeff
6 - Team Dan - Austin/? - Casey, Dan, Israel
7 - A.B. Cockblockz - Pensacola - Ryan, Jeremy, A.B.
8 - Bot 9 NS - New Orleans/Mobile - Frazer, Jace, Paul
9 - Captain Bunz - New Orleans/Calgary - Trevor, Lando, Will
10 - Boone's Farm Bandits - New Orleans - Bill, Sami, Gabe
11 - Coonass Smash - Baton Rouge - Andy, Mark, Dustin
12 - Double Fisted Chesty - ? - Christopher, Laura, Sean
13 - Boner Jamz '03 - Ft. Lauderdale/? - Julia, Kelly, Sam
14 - Jacques Straps - ? - Simon, Nick, Jacques
15 - Del Taco - Atlanta - Jake, Bill, Ray
16 - Crighton Crackheads - Mobile - Drew, Brandon, Todd
17 - Bike on Bike Crime - Austin - Annie, Jasmine, Mo
18 - Dip Boyz - ? - David, Jimmy, Ben
19 - The Originals - Ann, Angel, Tiffany

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blog Bombs!

Sorry about the multiple posts people, but I have this info fresh on my mind....
The Holiday Party date has been officially CHANGED to Monday Dec 14th! It will be at Jasmine's house. Bring a dish and some drinks for you. The gift exchange will be a casual affair, in order to participate please make/bake/or find a thrift store treasure to trade with a friend. we dont expect anyone to break the bank for a gift so keep 'em simple, sillies!

get the details at polo, on facebook, email, or call me.

k. bye now.

Bike Polo Spring Break and SouthEastSide Polo Invitational Tournament

Pennsacola, FL! Beautiful powdery white sands beaches, glittering gulf coast waters, roller hockey court on the beach, beach rental property that sleeps up to like 16-20 people (which means hella deals, estimated $100-$200 for the whole week!)

The Spring Break portion of this event (Monday Feb 22- Friday Feb 26)is a week of debauchery, polo pick-up, partying, probably an alleycat or something, goldsprints maybe...mostly it is just a break from the "cold" and the "dark" (for all the northerners), and a week of mixing it up and meeting polo peeps from other places. The tournament portion happens at the end of the week, Saturday Feb 27-Sunday 28th.

I put up a post on on the SESPI/Spring Break thread calling on other ciies to bunk up with us and share a beach house. I need to know who is thinking about this. How seriously are you thinking about it? When are you interested and willing to head out there? We should drive- we could drive to NOLA, hang out and play and then carpool with them the rest of the way to break up the drive if need be. The airport situation just really doesnt make any sense for us, we would have to fly to some point around P-Cola, then drive so we might as well drive.

Now that I am thinking about this, I am going to talk to NOLA, BR, Mobile and see who is going and who wants to carpool and share housing. ATX, holler at me!
you should have my number, if not, get it at pick-up!