Monday, May 27, 2013

Tournament Season is Upon Us!!

I'm finally finding some time to fill the internet in on a couple of our little trips!!

Many of you have been a part of our fundraising efforts.
If you didn't know, we were raising the fund to take 5 ATX gals to Vancouver, BC for the International Todos Chicas Ladies Army Tournament #5.
We went a couple of weekend ago and had an AMAZING time!
The standings of the ladies that traveled are as follows:
  • 7th Nietzsche's Peaches (chandel. ATX, sara Philly, Jill SEA) (2-way tie)
  • 9th TEXA$$A$$A$$A$$A$$ (Elise, Jasmine, Maureen ATX) (2-way tie)
  • 20th Binders of Women (Tiffanie CHI, Anne ATX, cara MTL) (3-way tie)
Complete standings for all 27 teams can be found here on the Podium website.
Links to pictures, videos, and all you could ever want to know about Ladies Army 5 can be found here on the LA5 Facebook page.

Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful city.
We had the most amazing view of the mountains from the tournament courts. 
The cycling infrastructure in Vancouver is superb. I wish Austin would take a few notes.
It was fun biking all over the terribly hilly city, even in the pouring rain at 3am going the wrong direction for 20 minutes (oops).
Despite the fact that it rained all day Sunday, we left with smiles on our faces, love in our hearts, future adventures on the horizon, and a boat load of new friends.
Honestly folks, when is somebody just gonna create's what we all use the internet for anyways AMIRITE???

This probably deserves it's own post but fuggit.

Polo kids all over Texas went on down to Port Aransas for the 2nd Polo at the Beach Extravaganza.
We played hard and partied harder.
All I have to say is I LOVE TEXAS BIKE POLO!!
David Beck and the San Antonio crew (and everyone else who helped out) put on a stellar tournament.
I'm really proud of Texas Polo and our growth.
Let's keep it up y'all.

I don't have the complete standings for the tournament, but I think I can muster up the top three teams:

1. Texas TRILL (Isreal ATX, Drew ATX, Diego HOU)
2. SlayUL8R (Jazzhams ATX, Mulgrave ATX, Miguel, ATX)
3. Serpentine Slasher Squad (Rob ATX, David Beck SA, Alekos HOU)

I'm really digging the city mash up of teams we had at this tournament.
I hope to see all of you REAL fricken soon.
Oh and pictures from the tournament and debauchery can be seen here on the event's FB page.

We've said goodbye to a couple players recently.
Chandel moved back to Toronto =(
Cedar went back to the Pacific Northwest, but he'll be back to pedicab the shit out of ACL in October.
We'll be welcoming Adylle from Houston with open arms in a couple weeks and saying adios to Arty as he ventures back to Wisconsin in July (luckily we still have an entire month to party with that dude before he takes off)

Our regional qualifier is being held in Denver in June (22nd and 23rd)
Good luck to all the Texas teams traveling for that one...wish I could make it!


Monday, April 22, 2013

The Lingerace Was A Success!!!

As many of you know, Mo and I started the Lingerace a few years back as a way to raise funds for us gals to travel to Ladies Army II in NYC.
We are now in its 3rd year of life and we couldn't have asked for a more fun way to raise Ladies Army travel funds!
Check out the details over at for pictures, sponsor lists, and Gold Sprint finishing times!
Special thanks to all the traveling ladies that made this event happen: Chandel Bodner, Elise Fornell, Mo Grady, and Anne Linders, as well as Fast Folks, Cheer Up Charlies, and Gold Sprint'Em.
Huge Thanks to all of our Club Members that came out and supported us...Y'all ROCK!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today is our first official Newbie Polo Day.
We invite any and all who are interested in bike polo to come hang out with us, heckle, and give it a try.
We will have extra mallets, bikes, and snacks.
So grab a sixer and chill with us at Metz Park.
4/21 - 3pm until lights out!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lingerace Vol. 3 - ONE WEEK AWAY

Check out the blog for our Annual LingeRace!!

LingeRace Vol. 3
Presented by Fast Folks Cyclery and the Ladies of ATXBPSC:
The 3rd Annual Lingerace is upon us!
Get ready to dress down for one of Austin's sexiest bike races!

4:20pm - Race registration at
5:30pm - Race Start
7:00pm - Track Stand Competition
8:00pm - Gold Sprint Competition
all day - RAFFLE with awesome prizes from our sexy sponsors!

$5 gets you entrance into any/all events
free to spectate but I guarantee you'll want in on those raffle tickets!

This is a FUNdraiser to help the Ladies of Austin Tx Bike Polo travel to Vancouver, BC in May for Ladies Army 5.
We strive to make giving us money as FUN as possible XOXOXO!!!
Not to mention a bunch of hotties hanging out and riding bikes in their undies!

Hope to see your fine asses REAL soon!
more details coming soon!

Austin Bikes
Black Sheep Lodge
Brass Ovaries
Buzz Mill Coffee
Cheer Up Charlie's
Clowndog Bikes http://clowndogbikes.coms/
Esther Follies
Fast Folks
Flat Track Coffee
Laced with Romance
Lords Boxing Gym
Mossage Therapy
Orbit Salon
P Terry's
Rowing Dock
Sweetie Grams
Vixen Creations
Waterloo Cycles

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ATXBPSC needs your help! 
There is currently an opportunity to piggyback on a project being developed by the city to possibly re-purpose a building that is part of the Holly Shores compound into a multi-use hard court covered surface. The next meeting for the Holly Shores Redevelopment Program is May 20th, 2013. We need to put in feedback on the draft master plan ASAP in order for our voice to be heard as well as those of other alternative amateur recreational sports. 
There is a SPECIFIC survey that needs to be filled out here:

You can find the Draft Master Plan here:
 Below are my suggestions on how to answer all of the questions. Please take a moment of your time to fill out the survey and tell everyone you know that supports Austin Texas Bike Polo about it too. If you have connections to roller derby, hardcourt soccer, unicycle football, etc please get them to fill it out too. We need all the support we can get to hopefully make it into this project!

Which amenity, idea or concept is your favorite and why? *

I represent the Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club. We are an amateur alternative sports club that plays hardcourt bicycle polo. We support the re-alignment of the Holly Street wall to open up the space leading into Metz park. We currently play at the tennis/multi-purpose court and opening up the park would help us, as well as other amateur alternative sports clubs (i.e. roller derby, hardcourt soccor, street/roller hockey, unicycle football) gain more exposure within the community. We talked to Chris Yanez at the February meeting about our need to either update our current location or if there were any other options for us available in the redevelopment. He stated there was a building being considered for open-air and re-purposing for possibly a roller rink or multi-use, walled in, hard court surface. If this is the case, it would be a perfect opportunity to accommodate our club as well as these other clubs mentioned above.

What are the strengths of your favorite amenity, idea or concept? *
An enclosed, hard court, covered surface would not only provide and adequate constant use practice space, but could also serve as a special event location for tournaments, scrimmages, demonstrations, half-time shows. These events could bring exposure to the park as well as money in terms of rental fees. We currently rent out an alternative park for our tournaments, but it would be ideal to have a covered/maintained space for these events.

What are the weaknesses of your least favorite amenity, idea or concept? *
We are concerned with the projected solution to the current sewage small permeating Metz Park and community at large. I think it would benefit everyone if this issue was resolved.

Which area of the park is most in need of improvement? *
It seems the still waters (i.e. lagoon) could use improvement. We support the projected plan of opening up these waters to create more water flow.

What area of the park has the most impact for you and why? *
Metz Park and/or the proposed building to be converted impact us the most. We have played at various parks around the city, but only now have we found a park where we have developed a good relationship with the Community Center. We'd like to call this park our home, with adequate facilities to develop as strong players and as a club, to be able to compete among other top clubs around the world. We have volunteered with the community center and are interested in participating more in this effort and within the community. We are well known among the cycling community and this will only continue as our club continues to grow.

What is missing or what issue has not been addressed in the concept? *

The draft master plan did not mention re-purposing the old building into a multi-use hard court space. As stated earlier, we talked to Chris Yanez separately who mentioned this space to us.

Please provide general comments on the preliminary concept.
Overall the preliminary concept seems good. We support incorporating edible plants into the landscape, although we are confused in how this will work in conjunction with the local community garden.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Save the Date Coed Tourney wrap up!

Please check out the corresponding blog for all standings, awards, and photo info!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

been a while...

hey y'all it's been a while and we're all really glad you stuck around!

we have some new things in the works for 2013 and are excited to be underway!

we have an upcoming fabulous tournament put on by our ladies of atx bike polo, ATXBPSC presents: Save the Date Coed Tournament on March 2-3, 2013
Details can be found here:

we have some new court ideas and a parks and rec meeting coming up this month to hopefully help make our dream a reality!!!!

thank you for your continued support and we'll be updating this more often for sure!!!

also congrats to our ATX members that just went to Puerto Rico and competed! We have a 3rd place win, Andrew, a recent ex-pat from San Marcos, and Bob our local club rep did fairly well with a tie for 7th!!!

there were other texas club members there that did really well and i'm sure they all had a blast!
hopefully they all plan to continue the fun in Austin and make this March tourney the best!

 We're looking forward to the northern guests and know that the break in weather they're getting will be well worth the travel!!!