Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!

Alright boys and girls, this Sunday we're meeting at Metz Park again. We'll have the walls good and ready, I know they weren't able to stand on their own on Thursday, so we'll get that fixed. This is going to be the last time we play polo before the Tourney, so be sure to make it out. I don't want to do Polo next Thursday because you all should be attending the Bicycle Film Festival, it's going to be awesome... plus you will get plenty of polo in during the Tourney, I promise.

Also, if you haven't figured out who you are going to play with, be sure to get that figured out on Sunday, we are going to try and do Team vs. Team this Sunday so you all can get used to playing with each other a bit. Hopefully not a lot of pick up will take place on Sunday. If all your team can't make it then too bad, you suck... just kidding, just the person(s) that can't make it suck. Also, I will want to know who the teams are so I can start getting the bracket together, I know how many teams are coming from out of town and how many individual players are coming from out of town, there will be several that may need a team... so some of you may get to play with some of our friends from elsewhere. If you are one of these teams or persons, let me know... we can get it all figured out on Sunday!

And we will not have impromptu games on the tennis court, there is no reason for us to play there, since no-one decided to put the net back up yesterday, Cyrus and I did it today... not cool at all.

If you aren't planning on playing in the Tournament and would like to help out behind the scenes, let me know on Sunday...


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bicycle Film Festival and Bike Polo

I hope you all have been paying attention to the Bicycle Film Festival website to see what was going on next week! There is some crazy cool stuff happening, an art show, concerts, afterparties, and of course tons of bike films... including 3 about bike polo, that's right 3 about bike polo.

The first one is on Friday and it's called "Paris Vision," bike polo in Paris. I probably won't be able to make that one because of work, but some of y'all better go and tell me about it, or I'll be very upset.

The second one is on Saturday, entitled "One Less Horse," horse polo vs. bike polo, sounds awesome, that's going to be on Saturday night and we might try to organize a group ride and watch.

The third is also on Saturday night and it's called "Polo Manual," better believe I'll be at that one...

Oh yeah and if you can't make it Saturday, these last two will also be showing on Sunday night after our Bike Polo Tournament, which may be easier for us all to catch. What better way to end a tournament than with some polo shorts, film shorts that is...

OH and if you haven't looked at ticket prices, then let me tell you what they are, unbelievable!!! A festival pass is only 27$, that will get you into all the screenings, but not the Wednesday concert, that'll cost you 15$. Or you could be a goober and pay 10$ for each individual program, which has several films in each. Friday has 2 programs, Saturday has 4 programs, and Sunday is a repeat of 2 programs... that would be 80$ if you didn't have a Festival pass... hmmm.... I say shell out 27$ and see it all, if you can of course.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thursday Polo

Sunday was so much fun at METZ PARK that we've decided to meet there again this Thursday, and chances are we will meet there until the Austin BFF Bike Polo Tournament is over, which if you haven't been paying attention will be on August 8 and 9th.

Word is that our buddy Keith is bringing the Thursday night social ride out to Metz this week, so we will have an extra large crowd, hopefully playing with us and of course watching. So bring your A game, I know Keith is!

Unfortunately to some, and fortunate to me, I start work again this week, so I won't be able to make the Thursday session or any more for that matter, but that doesn't mean it won't happen, just means it probably won't happen on time, ha! So expect someone to be there no later than 6. Have fun and be safe!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Video from the COG invitational

I've been waiting for some video of this tourney to surface and it looks like it finally has. Yay bike polo!

COG Highlights from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday Funday

Don't act like we didn't warn ya! Polo this Sunday at Metz to see how it is. We will try and have some boards ready to keep the ball in bounds, but we probably won't have 'em all ready. Bring some refreshments and I'll bring the mallets. (Well I'll bring the mallets either way.)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cripple Polo!

Robert, Annie, and I didn't let the entire weekend in Denver pass us by without playing just a little bit of polo. Someone from Denver caught us on the court during a pick up game. Just couldn't help ourselves from being part of all the action. Next time we will play for real and then it's on!


Thursday Polo will go on at 5:30 p.m.

Sunday Polo will go on at 2:00 p.m.
at the shaded B-Ball court at METZ PARK
so come early 'cause it won't be so damn hot!

and yes I will be there on time or shortly after
not like those other guys

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5th place ain't bad

Chris, Dan, and Miguel, the Broken Spokes, with Josh and Adam the organizers

Our boys the Broken Spokes posing here for their 5th place victory in their first tournament!

There were a total of 13 teams representing 6 cities and 3 states. All were cool people and a lot of fun to watch play. There were 2 all female teams from 2 different cities and the rest were all mens teams. Here are the results as posted by Josh the organizer:

1st Place: PBP (Phoenix) MiniMike, The Mailman, NOD - Undefeated until the finals.
2nd: Bad Decisions (COMO) Charlie, Matt, Chris - Won first game of two game finals.
3rd: Truffle Shuffle (Fort Collins/Denver) Max, Will, Josh
4th: Retroactive Abortion (COMO) Drew, Pete, Joker
5th: Broken Spokes (Austin, TX) Dan, Miguel, Chris
6th: Spayed and Neutered (Denver) Jordan, Zach, Austin, Greg
7th: COMO Girls (COMO) Coleen, Megan, Julia, Maggie
8th: Cleaners (CO Springs) Adam S, Nick, George
9th: Dirty Laundry (CO Springs) Tori, Liza, Jamie
10th: PegLeg (Denver) Adam, Rahja, Dus
11th: TNT (COMO) Tim, Tim, Nick
12th: Dog Dick (Denver) Court, Sam, Pat
13th: Hot Shaft (CO Springs) Collin, Adam N, Chris

Although there was controversy over who really earned 3rd and 4th places, (I think our boys should've gotten 4th) the 1st and 2nd place teams were really good and definitely earned their spots. Phoenix had a G-pa, Uncle, G-son team that dominated the scene, even though they've only been playing hardcourt for a short while, their skills from grass definitely showed. Como brought 15 people who all performed really well. They obviously will be someone to watch out for in the future. Denver, Ft. Collins, and CO Springs teams represented thier state well placing all over in the tourney. Our boys did well in representing us, no-one has seen Austin play and I'm proud that they saw the Broken Spokes first. We need some more teams representing us, we definitely have some talent that'll upset a lot of these teams.

Phoenix 1st place

M.V.P. - Phoenix 1st place

who wants a taco?


This is what happens when you crash into the wall!

Back from Denver

So we're back from our biggest social outing to date. The first annual Rocky Mountain Bike Polo Open was our first official tournament to send a team to. Miguel, Dan, and Chris did a great job, but I'll post about that later... now look at some pictures of our trip before my camera died.

We drove all night to arrive in Colorado as the sun was coming up from behind the mountains... unfortunately my camera still sucks and won't take good night/dawn/dusk shots, but this one shows the mood at the time... dreary eyes wondering where the hell we were... and how it was so beautiful.

day shots came out much better and mountains look amazing! Also, keep in mind, speed is checked by aircraft... so don't speed, not that we saw any of these aircraft.

Denver has a pedestrian mall along 16th street. Don't ride your bike through there or you may get ticketed... we found out... but the cops are cool and willing to help you find a cool bar to have a beer at, which we never did... at least not the suggested ones.

yes Jordan is ugly.

Do it already!

Riding around Denver, outside the art museum, which we never went into, although our intentions were to go in. I think Miguel has some good pictures of this as well, giant cows and what not.

Ancient Denver ruins.

racing around a grass velodrome... NOT.


I'm not in any pictures, except for this one... not sure how I took that or if I even meant to.

Eventually we went and kicked it, literally, at a park near town, the grass is just so lush... I want to eat it.

We met up with some of the Denver crew and Como kids, Pheonix showed up a little later, and they tried to play some pick up in the dark.

This was taken by Miguel - proper trip packing

just landed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Polo Time.

The slackers of the group might have abandoned us for Colorado this weekend, and Mo might be all teary-eyed as a result, but the show must go on. For those of you who haven't fled the state for fear of being embarrassed on the court Cyrus and I are picking up the gear at 3:30 so we'll see ya at the park shortly after.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thursday and Sunday the 16 and 19 Polo

Dan, Chris, and Miguel
representing Austin in Denver this weekend
for the Rocky Mountain Bike Polo Open
Jordan and myself are going to support, so dont expect to see us this week at polo,
Have fun and be safe!

edit: polo will go on as usual, someone will come by and get the stuff, and if not then YOU can come by and get it...