Sunday, February 28, 2010

Via Jason @ ATXBS:

"Today is the usual Sunday Bike Polo out at Eastwoods Park, but this time around there's going to be NOTHING usual about it. The pros are out of town at the tourneys so us amateurs get to work on some skill development without being slaughtered all day long, the weather is sunny and warm, and because we fucking felt like we we decided that we're going to have a BBQ! Show up at 2pm polo time (2:45-3pm for real time) to get in on some playing, I'll be showing up shortly thereafter to begin making with the grub...

As for the whys and wherefors of the BBQ, here it is: It's a beautiful February day in Texas, so what better way to enjoy it than with some friendly bloodshed and the roasting of raw meet over open fires? I'm pitching in for a lot of sausage, 2 lbs of chicken and some tortillas. There's going to be charcoal and some chips and shit also provided, but if you guys want more than that you need to swing by somewhere and bring it! Don't leave me hanging here, lets have a spread of some tasty shit. Veggie food and sides are appreciated, beer is REALLY appreciated, and if you had a bottle of liquor kicking around you'd be my best friend. I'm taking a short drinking break but today's my last day to imbibe. Humor me."

Thursday, February 25, 2010



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Check this out, these are some high quality mallets being produced in Germany, simple and creative. It would cost a lot to have it shipped here, too much for me to have any interest, but if any of you guys out there with good jobs and expendable income, you should order one or two so we can all marvel at your amazing polo mallet...

Como Play Polo!

Where: Eastwoods Park
When: 5:30pm
Why: What better things do you have to do?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No midnight polo tonight....

I know not enough of you will show up, so I'll save the trouble for the few that would...

Let's enjoy the cold weather another way tonight!

See y'all Thursday!

Come Play Polo!

Tuesdays @ 5 - Joslin Park

Thursdays @ 5:30 - Eastwoods Park

Sundays @ 3:30 - Eastwoodes Park

Monday, February 22, 2010


MAN! Polo was fun yesterday folks, I had a great time! I wish we could of had more teams out to play some league games, some of you guys haven't even played a single game yet, ??? , I suppose they will get done when they get done, if you all want them to get done...

All the new faces was amazing, and all the spectators, hopefully, we can get you all to play soon! Here is the schedule for this week, come out and have fun. If you meet up on another day, let everyone else know so they can come out too!

Tuesday Polo Southside 5:00 pm Joslin Park
Midnight Polo at the Capitol at, well, Midnight!

Thursday Polo at Eastwoods Park 5:30 pm

Sunday Polo at Eastwoods Park 2-3 ish pm

This weekend, I will be gone, with Miguel, Jasmine, Israel, and Casey,... we are going to Pensacola for the South East Side Polo Invite, SESPI, which will be the end of Bike Polo Spring Break, which Mo and Charlie are at now, having a good time no doubt!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mallet Build

FYI. I will be bringing down my drill, bits, etc. to help Nick build some mallets. If anyone else wants to bring out materials to build mallets you are more than welcome to use my tools while I am out there. ~Cyrus




5:30 P.M


3,2,1, POLO

Derek Brings the Ruckus to Albuquerque

I just got an update from our very own death polo maniac. The relocation and life changes hasn't slowed down the man in purple leopard pants. Looks like he has found his polo niche in Albuquerque. Check out his new ideas for Death Polo comic strip!

"since i can't seem to find the environment here..i regret not doing the death polo with flashpots and flames and metal at eastwoods where we can get away with it...i'm playing polo thurs and sun here........remember "heavy metal" magazine? before anime?, i am going to submit a death polo episode. i'm sketching death polo comic book now.
still no girls..making flyers and putting them on bikes tomorrow UNM area....i'll get a team together to come to austin and kick your asses. it will be me and two girls like wendy and lisa from prince...yes, my lithium batt on the way, so i can use my camcorder again..damn i miss ya'll! ~Derek

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bike Polo Spring Break and SouthEastSide Polo Invitational Tournament

I know I will be going to Pensacola for the entire week of spring break leading up to the SESPI tournament on the weekend of Feb 27-28. I have paid for my spot in a house that is very very full already with like every single person who will be there for the week.
Frazer from Mobile started a thread on for housing specifically on the weekend and the one house is full and there are still extra people without housing (like 6 from Jacksonville or Tallahasse or somewheres...) so Ryan thinks whoever from Austin (Rob? Miguel? Annie? Jasmine? Casey?) should join forces with these leftover floridians and git yourselves a house yall! its not hard. Its not expensive. The people in Frazer's house are each paying a total of $30-$35 for two nights.
Go to this thread. Get in to action. Get yoursleves a roof to sleep under. Woohoo!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm gonna go out there tonight, be there if you want to play some polo...

Monday, February 15, 2010

This week!

Yesterday was awesome. There were several league games that took place, thanks teams for showing up, and plenty of pick-up, or at least until that wonderful wind came and blew us all away. I am so tired today, I can't believe it. All that polo love!

From our group outing last night after polo, several of us thought that we should just play polo everyday of the week! So, if anyone wants to play some polo, just let people know, come by my house, get the cones, go play polo, then bring my cones back to my house! I would like to stress bringing the cones back to my house, you all should never go home with my cones, just so other people can use them when they want to. ya dig!? This would be a good way to get in some of those league game we're all lagging behind on...

On another polo note, it was also suggested doing an earlier morning weekday polo day. Probably Monday or Wednesday and probably from 10-2 or something like that. Would anyone be interested in this. Who would be able to come and who would actually come!?

Also, this Tuesday, if anyone wants to meet up at midnight and get guerrilla polo going again, I'll be out there with my stuff, so come meet me up at the Capitol at Midnight on Tuesday and we'll go find a spot to play!

Tuesday Southside Polo will happen down at Joslin, like always, 5:30 is the time.

This weekend, well, I'll post on that later!

Next week is the Bike Polo Spring Break...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunday is...

....corporate love day! I mean Valentines Day! Come love bike polo and let's play around a bit, you and I and all our friends.... bring your shafts, I'll bring my balls... ladies don't be afraid to grab a shaft if you don't have one...

If the weather is nice, I'll probably be out there earlier!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bring Your Cold Weather Gear and We'll Bring The Ruckus!

The Ruckus will be at Eastwoods at 5:30pm regardless of the weather. Don't stay home, brave the cold and rain and come play polo! Let's get some league games on. If it's raining really hard we can decide if we want to head over to the covered court at Alamo Park just a short distance away (see post below for directions). Rich will be bringing out the boards around 6:30 so we will have an enclosed court at either location.

Thursday February 11th

It's cold and rainy, if you guys want to come by and pick up the cones, they are outside. Goodluck!

If anyone wants to play this Saturday or early on Sunday, let me know! Ciao!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Game Sunday Polo, Pizza Party

I know most of the ATXBPSC members are not the biggest football fans, but I also know that after a long afternoon of polo we can scarf down free pizza and beer faster than a bunch of stoned Ninja Rurtles.

If the prospect of lots of home-made gourmet wood-fired pizza is enough to get you within a few meters of a 47" HDTV for the Super Bowl tomorrow night after polo at Eastwoods, Rich has invited everyone to celebrate with him and watch the game at his place.

Full details are on Facebook

From his description:

I will have:
dough and various topping for pizza
A keg of some beer. sorry no home made beer :(
Some appetizers

You can bring:
a special topping for your pizza
a side dish
friends or family

He'll be busy firing up his home made wood fired pizza oven while the rest of us are working up an appetite. I'll be heading out there around 5 or so, the game starts at 7. He lives rather far north, so If people want to carpool, I'm cool with that and can take 4 others without bikes, and drop them off at eastwoods after the party.

See ya'll tomorrow!

bike polo now

I am going up to Eastwoods right now, 3 p.m., and I think some others will already be there, come out if you can!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Austin Texas Guerrilla Bike Polo Tour 2009 from Robert on Vimeo.

Just got this together and finally remembered to upload it. I am no video editing pro, so shut up if you don't like it... ha.

Also, if anyone wants to play some league games on Saturday, let me know!

The Ruckus Will be Brought Tonight

Anyone who dares to challenge, show up at Eastwoods Park tonight at 5:30pm for some League play. Bring the Ruckus!

Swingin' In The Rain

Ok polo people, I know ya'll have been cooped up inside like me for the past few days because of the rain, and are ready to sweat out those rainy day blues on the court! Don't fear, we'll still be playing even if it's pouring thanks to Tina, who discovered a covered basketball court at Alamo Park (less than 1 mile from our Eastwoods home) that should fit our needs perfectly as a back up if the weather dictates it.

Here's the plan:

5:30 - Pick-Up/League Play at Eastwoods (weather permitting)

If the weather sucks, take Dean Keaton East till it hits Manor, and make your 1st right on Alamo St. We'll be playing polo 1 block up under a nice pretty awning on the corner of Alamo and 22nd: HERE

View Larger Map

another one...

7th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

thanks for sending this to me Zach!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

League Play Update:

I heard from Cyrus about all the crazy games that happened this weekend. I'm excited to get in on the action. If you haven't gotten with your team yet, please do so soon, at least get in contact with them, and get a team name and figure out your schedules so you can coordinate on showing up all together. I heard there were 3 teams all missing one player each. That's sucks, and isn't fair for your team. Don't be scared of your teammates, they are all nice people!

On another note, if you haven't figured it out yet, the schedule isn't going to be something we follow exactly. So, if you show up and the team you will be playing 3 weeks from now on the schedule is there too, and there aren't any other teams around, go ahead and play them. I don't mind if you all call out teams and play early or later, as long as you get the games in. And please, PLEASE, report the scores to Cyrus or myself or post them up in the google doc somewhere where we can see them and post them up on the official score sheet. This way teams will know who they've played and who they need to play, and see who is killing it and who isn't! And at some point I want to start reading about the games from the participants themselves, who played well, who impressed everyone, who scored an awesome shot at the last second, blah blah, you know, I think this will be cool for everyone!

I hope today was good down south, can't wait for my work break on Thursday to come out and watch some polo, and of course Sunday is going to be GRRRREAT!!! See you on the courts!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures from this past weekend in L.A.

Back from L.A.

Your boys and girl are back from Los Angeles' SoCal Winter Polo Picnic. Team Austin, Miguel, Casey and I, didn't play that well against the extreme competition on this side of the country, but we had fun and learned a thing or two.

There were teams from East Van, Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, Pheonix, some from D.C., some from N.Y., and I'm sure from some other places I can't remember right now. We met lots cool and great people. The L.A. crew is super friendly and welcoming, they also play some hella good polo out there. Pheonix brought some 11-12 year olds who f-n rocked, and would put shame to a lot of us here, sorry Austin, these kids are good! LA fought East Van in the Final for a freakin awesome two-game final, but couldn't keep East Van from killing it in the second game! Well done Los Angeles and East Van.

Miguel took a lot of really great pictures this weekend, so be on the look out for those!
Thanks Casey, Miguel, and Annie, I had a good time with y'all!