Sunday, May 31, 2009

today was what i would call a record turn out for atxbpsc. we had a lot of new faces playing, as well as my new tall bike, which nearly everyone made an attempt at riding around the polo court. good times were had by all.





Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've added some links, not all, to the right side of this blog of some of the Bike Polo Sites around the world... yes I typed "the world." Apparently Bike Polo is blowing up and we are on the cusp of some amazing times for this sport. Also, there seems to now be an official Hardcourt Bike Polo Federation.... maybe we'll see some official rules and court size dimensions... or maybe everyone will keep it local! What do you guys think, should there be uniform rules for all Polo clubs... or should each locale do it to it with their own style of play and rules?

Ideas are meant to be stolen...

So, going through some of the polo websites listed on Urban Velo, trying to add a few to our site for your viewing pleasure... I came across something I had thought about a while back and had probably only discussed with a few of you guys.... a double drive bike, one side set up for polo and the other set up for commuting to the court.... sounds crazy, right? Well it's now been made into a reality by Gus over at legitbikepolo. Check it out...

This guy is pretty crafty and has also posted a bunch of how-to's on mallet making to wheel covers, so check out his website if you're curious... or bored... pretty neat stuff.

Urban Velo

If you guys don't check out Urban Velo from time to time, you should. Not only do they write some good posts about bike stuff, bike events, and bike tech, they also do some nice polo write ups from time to time, like this one they just did on the 6th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships. I believe they like to play as well! And I just saw they did a post on all the Bike Polo websites they could find.... and guess what... we're on there!!! Check it out here!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


AHAAA, So a while back I was goofing off with my polo bike at Sexy Sunday, the one where the cops showed up, and I was jumping off my bike letting it fly.... it was fun at the time, but the result of which left my fork slightly twisted and bent back enough to cause way more toe overlap than there was before... there was none before. So for the longest I've been getting used to the overlap and tryin to adjust my handling skills to accomodate...

Well, after pondering about spending some good money to have it straightened out, cause I love that fork, or to spend even more money to get a new fork... I finally decided to go a different route. Several months ago I bought a fork from YBP for close to nothing, I don't remember why I bought it... I think I was going to put it on another project bike that didn't have one... maybe... but either way, I was rummaging around and found it, realized it was close to the same size as my now bent and twisted polo fork. So I slipped to old one out, and put the new one in... perftect fit, except I needed a spacer for the steer tube, cause it was a tad bit longer. Fortunately I had one of those laying around too... so feast your eyes on the new and improved Polo bike....

I won't be complaining for a while now!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Sunday Gaming

Well folks, Sunday Polo went well, thanks for coming out if you did. The turnout wasn't as big as expected, especially since we are now combining polo and Sexy Sunday. I showed up for Sexy Sunday at 1:45ish , I was maybe the second person there out of 3 total.... hmmm, and for those of you that know me, the only tricks I know are for Polo. I even met a couple of random peeps out there interested in watching some Polo, one of them, Brian, showed up again a little later to take some pics that he'll hopefully post soon.

As far as Polo, it was great, Cyrus brought the intensity the first game, which kept us all on our toes, literally as he was knocking us all over... ha just kidding Cyrus... but the games were fun, we had enough show to mix it up a bit... even though Daniel, Brian?, and I were on the same team a couple of times, randomly.... We even had Mo out there playing her first games, which included a rain game! The ball just doesn't move through puddles of water like it should!

We also talked more about the tourny in Atlanta. Allan, Jordan, Dan, and I want to go, Nick and Andy may want to go... and I'm sure others want to go, but I forgot who said something. So let me know, we want to take a couple of teams for some fun in ATL.

Alright Daniel let's see those 300 pictures!!!

Swimming and Hot Tub afterwards.... Good idea!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rules of the Game

This is how we play!

· Two teams of three players.

· All bikes are welcome, as long as the bike and rider can stop

· Mallets made of materials such as modified ski poles or broom handles will be allowed.

· We use hot and sometimes cold weather street hockey balls. The red and orange ones.

· Goals are two orange cones or other objects spaced approx. one bike length apart.

· If you move a cone or knock one over, you must fix it.

· In Pick-up, teams will be decided randomly by mixing the mallets and tossing three to each side of the court, any extra will go into a new pile for the next game.

· To start the game, each team will stand behind their own goal, the ball will be in center court, one member from each team will charge the ball when someone from the sideline yells “POLO.”

· Players are not allowed to play the ball with their feet.

· Scoring can only be done from a shot, not a shuffle. A shot is when the ball is hit from the short ends of the
mallet head, a shuffle is done from the long sides of the mallet head.

· After a goal is scored, each team will go back to their own side of the court, the team who got scored on will bring the
ball out when they are ready calling POLO, when a player of this team crosses the half court line or when the ball crosses, the other team may attack.

· Passing through the back of the goal to shoot from the front is not allowed, a player from the defending team
must touch the ball first with their mallet before a shot can be made from a pass through the back.

· Players should not foot-down, or touch the ground with their feet, if they do they must exit play and tap-out at
the middle of either side of the court to re-enter play.

· Like contact is allowed, person to person, bike to bike, mallet to mallet, but non-like contact is NOT. So no
hitting people or bikes with mallets. You will be scorned!

· No throwing mallets! No exceptions!

· Games are typically played to 5, some games are played to 3.

· Have fun.

· Don’t be a dick and don’t let someone else be either

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First All Girls Game!

Thanks Bob for happening by and stopping to take some video of the first ever ATX All Girls Bike Polo game... Click here for the video!

I think that was a major success. I hope you ladies keep coming out and playing!

**aha, finally some pictures to go along with the video, nice work again Daniel... these look great! For now here's a link to his the image.

2009 ESPI 4, FINAL MATCH E.VAN VS MKE from CrothJackson on Vimeo.

Check this out if you haven't seen it. This is a good match to watch. This court doesn't look as slippery as some of the other hockey rink courts, sure would be nice to have something like this in ATX.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Social Club Outings


I don't know if you guys ever look at the tourny's section on The League of Bike Polo, but this one is coming up and is relatively close to us. Any interest in forming a team and heading up?

I don't even know if I could go, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to think about it. The website and info are here and here... check it out... we just need three people to represent the ATX in ATL... but more is always better!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bikes, Shop, Doggies

So after weeks of bike polo I noticed the Peugeot was taking a severe beating. My white Deep-Vs are all scratched up. I decided to pull her and follow Andy's led to make a bike devoted only to bike polo. Here are some pics of the process, the finished product (check out what side the drive train is on:), as well as some random pictures of past and present bikes. ~Cyrus

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mallets are fixed and ready to go! We now have about 3 or 4 more. Plus Cyrus and I found some more ski poles today and will be fixing those up soon.

Total Workable Mallet Count: 12
More Expected: 2-6

Polo Bars

I thought the polo bars deserved a post. Can't wait till maƱana! Thanks for putting the Blog together Rob.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009




Dance Off.

no title
Originally uploaded by catonthemoon1
Embarrassment courtesy of Derek.


Here are some fresh shots that Les took this past Sunday

ATX Bike polo Social Club 5/10/09 from Les Bennett on Vimeo.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Of course I had to post this...

Austin Bike Polo from Thy Neighbors Bike on Vimeo.

Best video to date!


action shot!

Photo by Marcus

This just feels so good!

Photo by Daniel


This is to show respect to those who have helped our little polo group become what it is currently, a club, 'cause we hate groups!

First: Big up to Mason who, as far as I know, got Bike polo going in Austin, as well as made the original mallets. But of course he couldn't have done it without people coming out to play, such as Allen, Chris, Les, Kevin, Andy, Dan and eventually myself.... sorry if I forgot anyone.

Second: Big up to the people spreading the info locally and letting people know how fun this polo game is: Jason, Daniel, Marcus and Elliott, and Les.

Third: Big Up to everyone who has come out and supported us or played with us or brought us beer or food or anything else... you all know who you are!

Keep it coming!

First Post

Ok, so I was bored and went ahead and created this blog for all of us at the Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club. Hopefully this will be an easy way for all of us to stay connected on what's happening and what has happened as far as this social club goes, and who knows, we may even expand to be more... more of what? you might ask... well I did too... we'll have to see.