Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ATXBPSC shirts... to wear

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We've got shirts y'all. They look great too. Mo, Daniel, and I printed up a few yesterday afternoon along with ordering some other shirts from the inter-netz (thanks Zach for the link) to print up even more. This is a good way to represent your new favorite club, right?!!

We are selling the shirts for 10$, which if you've been shopping lately is almost next to nothing for a t-shirt, especially one so personal. Right now we've got 4 smalls, 5 mediums , 2 large, and 1 x-large. If you want to order one right now, because you can't possibly wait until our Thursday Polo session, then click on over to Mo's site and pay(your)pal and she'll reserve one for you! Just remember to tell her what size you want and if you have a color preference, but we'll bring them out on Thursday and you can see all the color options. I may even bring some tonight to our Guerrilla polo session... so if you want one tonight, you have to come out!

Please remember when you see these shirts, we did them in my kitchen with the basic screen printing materials. We are not professionals, so don't expect the shirts to be perfect, like us... !

**ALSO, I am still going to give a free shirt away to the person who can tell me FIRST, who the three players are in the image for the shirts. You have to tell me in the comments section of this post now, and no-one has gotten it right yet, although some are very very close... Give it another shot and let me know who you think they are and I'll give you a free shirt if you get it right.


  1. robert daniel and dan cakes!this is miguel nukka!haha

  2. Almost... but not quite, nukka!

  3. ha i got it...you dan cakes and max!!! i win i win!!!! its miguelito nukka! i would like a medium in red and black please-thnx :)

  4. i meant daniel when i said you..haha..sorry!

  5. ha, since you are the only one who guessed all day, and you actually got it right, YOU WIN A BRAND NEW T-SHIRT with Max, Dan Cakes, and Daniel on it... isn't that GREAT! That's not all folks, you also win a free high-five from me!!!!

  6. hey rob, there has been an outcry for lady polo player silhouette t-shirt prints! can you work your magic?!?!?!?