Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Bryan/College Station is hosting an Alley-cat race and a Polo Tournament  at Neal Park on Saturday Nov. 12, to coincide with the Rock the Republic Festival.  They have a really nice court there, ideal polo size.  They have offered spaces to crash, so hit em up on the FB page here!  If you need a ride, let someone know!  It was fun last year, this year there should definitely be more teams there!  TEXAS BIKE POLO!


Also, some other stuff to think about:

Beginner daze - Tuesday or Monday

Fun daze - Sunday Funday

Can Thursday be whatever days... ? We don't have that many teams to have team days yet, do we?

Group Photo 2011 - We did one last year around Christmas... any ideas on a time and/or location?

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  1. why can't thursday be 'serious' polo night? it doesn't have to be teams necessarily, but just an understanding that we want to play harder then newbie night and sunday funday?