Monday, May 21, 2012

.... SCC 12 ....

1st - Just Say MO (Nick, Charlie COMO, Ben STL)
2nd - Sea-Kings (chandel., Miguel ATX, Seabass SEA)
3rd - Barely Legal (kouyo, joey, Sterling SEA)
4th - The Heavy Hitters (Drew, Andre', Jason SEA)
5th - Knowing Your Rival (George COS, Brandon DEN, Jason PHX)
5th - Los Rebeldes (Jason ??, Robert, Pelon ATX)
7th - POLO-5-EVER (Duncan, Jared DEN, Peter LKS)
7th - Gunther's Revenge (Sarah, Brian LA, Davey TEM)
9th - Mucho Take It Easy (Bob ATX, Diego, Miguel HOU)
9th - JAGWOLVES (Maxxx, scooter SEA, Valley VAN)
9th - Tri Coast United (Zach ATX, donnie LA, Marco Philly)
9th - Starmaggedon (Gray, kristina ATX, machine SF)
13th - kick my head if you want (Elise, Maureen, Fabian ATX)
13th - Stew Pit (David, David, Art SAT)
13th - Larry and the HANDersons (Aaron COMO, Spencer, Malakai LKS)
13th - Pabst Smears (Nathan, Brandon, Dan LIT)
17th - Blind Dates (Kelli DEN, Adam MEM, Jean SAT)
17th - Peace, Love, and Polo (Jasmine, Cyrus, Michael ATX)
17th - Funkytown (Brian ??, Dylan DFW, Jeff FTW)
17th - Enter Witty/Mildly Offensive Team Name Here (Arthur, Josh ATX, Justin PDX)
17th - Power Bottom Brackets (Daniel, Adylle, Alekos HOU)
17th - Tulsa (Nic COMO, Stevenso, phillip TUL)
17th - Nay-Nate and the Left-handed Cyclops (Dan, Lembo, NayNate ATX)
17th - Borracho Beans (Lindsey HOU, Jesus SAT, Chris SMC)

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