Monday, May 27, 2013

Tournament Season is Upon Us!!

I'm finally finding some time to fill the internet in on a couple of our little trips!!

Many of you have been a part of our fundraising efforts.
If you didn't know, we were raising the fund to take 5 ATX gals to Vancouver, BC for the International Todos Chicas Ladies Army Tournament #5.
We went a couple of weekend ago and had an AMAZING time!
The standings of the ladies that traveled are as follows:
  • 7th Nietzsche's Peaches (chandel. ATX, sara Philly, Jill SEA) (2-way tie)
  • 9th TEXA$$A$$A$$A$$A$$ (Elise, Jasmine, Maureen ATX) (2-way tie)
  • 20th Binders of Women (Tiffanie CHI, Anne ATX, cara MTL) (3-way tie)
Complete standings for all 27 teams can be found here on the Podium website.
Links to pictures, videos, and all you could ever want to know about Ladies Army 5 can be found here on the LA5 Facebook page.

Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful city.
We had the most amazing view of the mountains from the tournament courts. 
The cycling infrastructure in Vancouver is superb. I wish Austin would take a few notes.
It was fun biking all over the terribly hilly city, even in the pouring rain at 3am going the wrong direction for 20 minutes (oops).
Despite the fact that it rained all day Sunday, we left with smiles on our faces, love in our hearts, future adventures on the horizon, and a boat load of new friends.
Honestly folks, when is somebody just gonna create's what we all use the internet for anyways AMIRITE???

This probably deserves it's own post but fuggit.

Polo kids all over Texas went on down to Port Aransas for the 2nd Polo at the Beach Extravaganza.
We played hard and partied harder.
All I have to say is I LOVE TEXAS BIKE POLO!!
David Beck and the San Antonio crew (and everyone else who helped out) put on a stellar tournament.
I'm really proud of Texas Polo and our growth.
Let's keep it up y'all.

I don't have the complete standings for the tournament, but I think I can muster up the top three teams:

1. Texas TRILL (Isreal ATX, Drew ATX, Diego HOU)
2. SlayUL8R (Jazzhams ATX, Mulgrave ATX, Miguel, ATX)
3. Serpentine Slasher Squad (Rob ATX, David Beck SA, Alekos HOU)

I'm really digging the city mash up of teams we had at this tournament.
I hope to see all of you REAL fricken soon.
Oh and pictures from the tournament and debauchery can be seen here on the event's FB page.

We've said goodbye to a couple players recently.
Chandel moved back to Toronto =(
Cedar went back to the Pacific Northwest, but he'll be back to pedicab the shit out of ACL in October.
We'll be welcoming Adylle from Houston with open arms in a couple weeks and saying adios to Arty as he ventures back to Wisconsin in July (luckily we still have an entire month to party with that dude before he takes off)

Our regional qualifier is being held in Denver in June (22nd and 23rd)
Good luck to all the Texas teams traveling for that one...wish I could make it!


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