Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Pick-up Blowin-up!

So this last Sunday August 6th was rad. San Antonio came up to play with us like they have the last few weekends, we had Wes from North Carolina in town and a brand new player on the court. With next game piles 3 games deep, the play was fun and competitive. Every game I feel like everyone playing had fun. There were fast games and passing games, shooting games and even new people games. A couple weekends ago we had Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and other places im sure im forgetting come and play. Till it rained nonstop at about 7 PM, that was just as much fun with games 4 and 5 piles deep. It makes me really glad to see that though Texas might be far from alot of other places, we keeps it real within the state. It looks like Houston is hosting pickup in College Station this upcoming Sunday August 12th and I hope to see as many people there, if not more. With one of the best courts in central Texas, CS always puts on a good show. All this pickup should also make our Texas Series of small in state 1 day tournaments more fun too, as we all have played against each other. Port Aransas on August 25th is the fist game of that series, with Denton on September 8th, Austin on October 6th and Houston having the final game on November 10th. See you all soon!

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