Wednesday, February 13, 2013

been a while...

hey y'all it's been a while and we're all really glad you stuck around!

we have some new things in the works for 2013 and are excited to be underway!

we have an upcoming fabulous tournament put on by our ladies of atx bike polo, ATXBPSC presents: Save the Date Coed Tournament on March 2-3, 2013
Details can be found here:

we have some new court ideas and a parks and rec meeting coming up this month to hopefully help make our dream a reality!!!!

thank you for your continued support and we'll be updating this more often for sure!!!

also congrats to our ATX members that just went to Puerto Rico and competed! We have a 3rd place win, Andrew, a recent ex-pat from San Marcos, and Bob our local club rep did fairly well with a tie for 7th!!!

there were other texas club members there that did really well and i'm sure they all had a blast!
hopefully they all plan to continue the fun in Austin and make this March tourney the best!

 We're looking forward to the northern guests and know that the break in weather they're getting will be well worth the travel!!!

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