Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RiverCity Rumble: Little Rock, AK

Who is planning, really truly honestly, planning on going to this friendly little tournament April 10th and 11th? I was not originally because I have been taking so much time off of work, but asit draws near, I want to go! I cant now go to tournaments that are relatively close by! Every tournament is an oppurtunity to grow as a player and dangit, I wanna grow!

Who is in? What teams are going? Who needs a team? How are people getting there?

That is all for now. See yall Thursday.
xo, mo


  1. I know I'm going, I'll bet Miguel will go, Casey, Israel too!?

    ladies, let's show 'em we got 'em...

  2. this will be a kind of precursor to any South Central regional event... so it would be good to go see the competition that is closest by. It's a lot of fun!

  3. oh, and the closest tournament for a while, and you're not taking bike polo seriously enough if you don't want to travel to play... ha!

  4. I had a blast with yalls. got some serious skillz developing. Hope im still in town on Thursday. If you are free tonight check the only screening of Bike Porn in Austin at the ColdTowne Theater!

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