Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We're back from BPSB-OTEN....

Well folks, we're back from SESPI, it's been a crazy weekend, lots off great polo, lots of great people, and plenty of good times. If you want a re-cap of the whole week long bike polo spring break, go talk to Mo about all the shenanigans that took place. This weekend Miguel, Jasmine, Israel, Kristina, Elise and myself met up with Mo and Charlie in Pensacola Beach along with teams from Canada, Seattle, New York, D.C., Paris, FTL, PCola, Nola, Richmond, and probably some other places I can't remember now. The weekend wasn't without problems, but I won't focus on those, overall I think we all had a great time, met up with tons of polo buds, played tons of good polo, saw the whitest beaches in the world, ate a lot of junk, drank a lot of beer, got sun and wind burned in cold and warm weather. There were great prizes, raffles, and parties all over the place.

I think there were around 40 teams present, Austin repped with 2 & 2/3 of a team. Mo and Jasmine played with a guy named Bill from NOLA. Kristina and Elise played with Israel, and Miguel, Charlie and I repped Team Hymen, I'm Back, again. Our teams did relatively well considering the extreme competition at this tournament. Team Hymen I'm back finished in the top ten, and our other two teams advanced pretty far into the tournament, beating some teams not expecting to get beat by our ladies, way to go gals and Israel!!! Y'all rock!

I've been talking so much polo lately I'm a bit tired of it... ha, NOT!!!!

We got a lot to work on y'all if we want to compete with some of these clubs. But don't worry, we are already better off then most

Miguel told me he took over 1300 pictures from the weekend, so expect to see those soon. I took a few:

come ask us about it all, there's way to much to say on the internetz.... and get ready to see some new tricks and some new strategies!!!!

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