Tuesday, March 16, 2010

river city

So, I know you all already saw this when Mo posted it up the other day, but we should really start thinking about it. This will be a friendly tournament to hopefully get as many of the South Central clubs together as possible... our friends in CO and WY probably won't make it, but everyone else will, hopefully. Also, this is relatively close to the Midwest, so several of those clubs will come down, COMO, STL, and probably some others. If you haven't been to a tourney and have some free time this weekend, I would highly recommend going to this. The drive is only 8.5 hours and would be relatively cheap with a full car or two.

I know as of now, there are 5-6 of us going, so we have possibly two teams already. It would be awesome to go with more!! So if you are thinking about coming to this, start talking to some others and get a team going, if you can't fill out a full team there are likely going to be some extras at the tournament who won't have a team. Click on the image to go to the discussion page on The League of Bike Polo...

3,2,1, GO

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  1. Hey Austin!
    We loved having your people come & take the trophy..hopefully you can bring even more next time :)
    I haven't had such a perfect weekend in a while..seemed like the right number of teams..coulda used one more I guess. Very laid back & fun. It was great meeting Miguel, Casey, Annie & Jaz..you guys kicked ass!!