Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ideas are meant to be stolen...

So, going through some of the polo websites listed on Urban Velo, trying to add a few to our site for your viewing pleasure... I came across something I had thought about a while back and had probably only discussed with a few of you guys.... a double drive bike, one side set up for polo and the other set up for commuting to the court.... sounds crazy, right? Well it's now been made into a reality by Gus over at legitbikepolo. Check it out...

This guy is pretty crafty and has also posted a bunch of how-to's on mallet making to wheel covers, so check out his website if you're curious... or bored... pretty neat stuff.


  1. I think the benefits of this are far outweighed by the negatives when compared to a wheel with a flip-flop and a double chainring setup. Seems like with a little ingenuity you could maintain the chain length while drastically changing the gear ratio. 44x17 and 40x21, for instance give the same length but a big jump in gear inches. All this allows is for you to not have to remove the wheel from the bike, yet you have to carry around a second chain that's loosely flopping on your bike and not doing anything.

    Or maybe I'm overanalyzing this.

  2. You're right Jason, I think this only really has a novelty factor that makes it cool... if everyone did this instead of a flip flop hub then the flip flop hub would be the novelty.