Tuesday, May 26, 2009


AHAAA, So a while back I was goofing off with my polo bike at Sexy Sunday, the one where the cops showed up, and I was jumping off my bike letting it fly.... it was fun at the time, but the result of which left my fork slightly twisted and bent back enough to cause way more toe overlap than there was before... there was none before. So for the longest I've been getting used to the overlap and tryin to adjust my handling skills to accomodate...

Well, after pondering about spending some good money to have it straightened out, cause I love that fork, or to spend even more money to get a new fork... I finally decided to go a different route. Several months ago I bought a fork from YBP for close to nothing, I don't remember why I bought it... I think I was going to put it on another project bike that didn't have one... maybe... but either way, I was rummaging around and found it, realized it was close to the same size as my now bent and twisted polo fork. So I slipped to old one out, and put the new one in... perftect fit, except I needed a spacer for the steer tube, cause it was a tad bit longer. Fortunately I had one of those laying around too... so feast your eyes on the new and improved Polo bike....

I won't be complaining for a while now!