Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rules of the Game

This is how we play!

· Two teams of three players.

· All bikes are welcome, as long as the bike and rider can stop

· Mallets made of materials such as modified ski poles or broom handles will be allowed.

· We use hot and sometimes cold weather street hockey balls. The red and orange ones.

· Goals are two orange cones or other objects spaced approx. one bike length apart.

· If you move a cone or knock one over, you must fix it.

· In Pick-up, teams will be decided randomly by mixing the mallets and tossing three to each side of the court, any extra will go into a new pile for the next game.

· To start the game, each team will stand behind their own goal, the ball will be in center court, one member from each team will charge the ball when someone from the sideline yells “POLO.”

· Players are not allowed to play the ball with their feet.

· Scoring can only be done from a shot, not a shuffle. A shot is when the ball is hit from the short ends of the
mallet head, a shuffle is done from the long sides of the mallet head.

· After a goal is scored, each team will go back to their own side of the court, the team who got scored on will bring the
ball out when they are ready calling POLO, when a player of this team crosses the half court line or when the ball crosses, the other team may attack.

· Passing through the back of the goal to shoot from the front is not allowed, a player from the defending team
must touch the ball first with their mallet before a shot can be made from a pass through the back.

· Players should not foot-down, or touch the ground with their feet, if they do they must exit play and tap-out at
the middle of either side of the court to re-enter play.

· Like contact is allowed, person to person, bike to bike, mallet to mallet, but non-like contact is NOT. So no
hitting people or bikes with mallets. You will be scorned!

· No throwing mallets! No exceptions!

· Games are typically played to 5, some games are played to 3.

· Have fun.

· Don’t be a dick and don’t let someone else be either

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