Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Gaming

Well folks, Sunday Polo went well, thanks for coming out if you did. The turnout wasn't as big as expected, especially since we are now combining polo and Sexy Sunday. I showed up for Sexy Sunday at 1:45ish , I was maybe the second person there out of 3 total.... hmmm, and for those of you that know me, the only tricks I know are for Polo. I even met a couple of random peeps out there interested in watching some Polo, one of them, Brian, showed up again a little later to take some pics that he'll hopefully post soon.

As far as Polo, it was great, Cyrus brought the intensity the first game, which kept us all on our toes, literally as he was knocking us all over... ha just kidding Cyrus... but the games were fun, we had enough show to mix it up a bit... even though Daniel, Brian?, and I were on the same team a couple of times, randomly.... We even had Mo out there playing her first games, which included a rain game! The ball just doesn't move through puddles of water like it should!

We also talked more about the tourny in Atlanta. Allan, Jordan, Dan, and I want to go, Nick and Andy may want to go... and I'm sure others want to go, but I forgot who said something. So let me know, we want to take a couple of teams for some fun in ATL.

Alright Daniel let's see those 300 pictures!!!

Swimming and Hot Tub afterwards.... Good idea!

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