Monday, June 15, 2009


Louisiana - Florida - Texas

Israel, Jordan and I went over to New Orleans this weekend for some friendly polo matches with our closest polo neighbors. A group came over from Pensacola, as well as, a team from Baton Rouge, so there were 4 different cities representing and 3 different states. It was a lot of fun. We stayed with our buddy Jeff from NOLA, who played on the Pensacola team, and will be with them for the ATL tourny this weekend.

Of course we rode around a bit through town to get some food, see some of the area, and relax before polo started.

Their court is awesome, it's under an I-10 overpass in a parking lot with curbs all the way around, except for a few spots for cars to drive through. There were some homeless spectators. The court is a lot larger than ours, which I liked a lot, the long breaks and longer ball possession time was enjoyable. Long passes are always fun.

The guys brought out a keg for all of us... it is New Orleans. That's how you do it! Thanks for that NOLA, you guys rock.

This is the group that showed up to play... most of them did play, and all were really cool and fun to hang out with. Oh did I mention how much I enjoyed the shade!!! That is literally one of the coolest parts about their spot.

The Pensacola Team, AB, Ryan, and Jeff.

Thanks NOLA for hosting us, thanks Jeff for letting us crash at your tiny ass place and hanging out with us, and thanks to Pensacola and Baton Rouge for coming out and playing with us. We all had a blast and I can't wait to meet up again.

Here are some more pictures

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  1. That was really fun. I can't wait for Atlanta!