Saturday, June 20, 2009

Look out for pot holes!

So I was on my way to work Thursday afternoon. I was making my way down 6th St. headed west. As soon as I crossed over Congress I hit a huge pot hole/water main in the street. I tried to catch myself but it was too late, my hands had already slipped forward over my handle bars and I was going down. I landed on my shoulder and my head and this apparently snapped my collar bone in half on my left side. There were a bunch of people around and luckily a very nice lady helped me out of the street and phoned 911. Here are a couple of crappy pictures I took sitting in the hospital waiting for my surgery:

I had surgery the next day. The doctor connected my collar bone back together with a metal plate and a couple of bone screws. It will be around a month at least before I can really ride my bike again, and who knows how long before I can safely participate in a polo match. I'm really bummed about not getting to go to Atlanta. Hopefully I'll make it to Denver next month.

Have a good day, and look out for pot holes!


  1. It's all good bro, just heal up nice! We love you Jordan... well maybe not all of us! ha

  2. Jordan, That sucks so bad, especially right before Atlanta. Argh. I've broke the same collar bone twice. No fun. Rest well and let it heal up all the way. ~Cyrus

  3. sorry you got F-ed up. glad you are doing better. nice to hang out with you on saturday and drink the sorrows away!