Monday, June 8, 2009



We had a ton of new faces out there yesterday... tons... I showed up a little after 2, which was the new starting time for polo, and John Rensho was there, then Wes showed up, and we sat for a long time before anyone else showed up... more and more people came, but all of them came with really nice bikes and they came to just watch... JUST WATCH! Who wants to do that? All in all it was a fun night, Jasmine had brought out some more snacks, I had brought some watermelon, several people brought some beer, Jimmi scored on his birthday, lots of polo was played, and some new talent was seen! Man, I love Sundays! Here are some pics.

Max and Dan Cakes with very big smiles!

And then of course, if you ever wondered to yourself, "Can a tall bike hold 2 people safely and comfortably, while in motion?"
Well the answer is probably not, but it can hold 2 people in motion!

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