Thursday, June 25, 2009

UFL at Eastwoods

Looks like we are having some company this Sunday at Polo. I just saw this over on Jason's site, it appears the Austin chapter of the Unicycle Football League is having it's first pickup / practice at Eastwoods this weekend, same time we are playing polo, should be interesting...

anyone thinking what Im thinking.... unicycle polo


  1. Is that guy playing with a broken arm?

    Hey ever been to Metz Park? There is a great basketball court that is COVERED and lit. It's right behind the Holly Street Power Station on the East side. Maybe a spot for the tourney? Maybe a new spot to play, period? No telephone poles. Just sayin'.

  2. yeah he is playing with a broken arm...ha

    I have been to Metz park before, I'll go check it out this weekend. Thanks Kieth!