Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bike polo infomormational

If you came out on Sunday, you may have noticed a guy standing around taking pictures, talking to some of us, and generally seeming interested in our little sport... Well that guy is Jacob, and he is shooting a creative and informational video for the Dell Lounge about bike polo in general, and guess what, we get to be in it.

If you want a sample of what he's been doing, check out this video, I downloaded and then uploaded, so I hope that's ok... thanks Jacob!

He is coming back out Thursday, weather permitting, and will be doing some actual filming, so it would be a good idea to come out. From what he has told me, there won't be any interviews or only a few, and the focus will be on bike polo's rules, dyi aspect, bikes, and equipment... so there won't be a focus on any individual player. So no need to bust out the makeup kits or make any hair appointments... ha!

I would also like to say that this is not for beginners or people with little experience playing... Jacob is doing something that will be broadcast on the web, and needs it to be legit. This will be seen by everyone who plays bike polo across the globe, most likely, so we need to do our best to make sure it IS legit.

5:30 is the time, Eastwoods Park is the spot, I am rob and I've approved this message! haha


  1. jacob is a cool dude. he does great work, so i miguel, rob, cyrus and even you pelone... tear that shit up and represent!!!!!


  2. oh i forgot, Mo, kick some ass as well as the rest of you knuckleheads. now that i got my road bike back, i'm building my polo bike... so get ready to kick my ass!!!!

  3. yeah this sounds awesome, I can't wait to see what happens

  4. haha. thanks for the nod, keith! when will you come back and play with us?!

  5. and rob...i just re-read this, i was totally out there at 5:30 like your post said.