Friday, October 30, 2009



Polo will go on as usual this Sunday, except I won't be there to start it, because I want to go visit my Fam before those of us traveling leave for our mighty Eastern Polo Tour!!! So you goons and goblins will have to start polo on your own.

For those going to COMO, this will be the last weekend to really practice before we leave, sure sure you can practice on Tuesday and Thursday, if you come out! Get ready COMO GOERS it's coming soon!!!

So whoever wants to take the reigns this Sunday and get polo rolling, feel free to do so, and let others know, so they don't feel obligated to come get the stuff... all you gotta do is get the cones and a ball, most everyone now has their own mallet!

ALSO, Mo and I have been busy printing up some new shirts, we went with the Hanes shirts we had originally so no more complaints about the shirts being too small or whatnot, they are normal sizes now, and thicker, which is good for this weather we've been having. Lot's of bright colors, so bug MO on Sunday for some!!!! They look awesome!

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