Monday, October 26, 2009

Midwest Champeenships Nov 7-8

Hey all! Everyone planning on participating in this tournament needs to please visit the thread on for all info, rules, housing contacts, etc. We need to register our teams, get informed of the rules (helmets required!), and ya'll need to take care of housing. I have mentioned that about 9-10 of us from ATX will need a floor to crash on, but i doubt any one house can host all of us. Also, they have requested we provide our own sleeping bags (they don't have blankets a plenty to pass around). Read up on their court size and set up, GET THE APPROPRIATE GEAR RATIOS!!!!, and lets get ready for a fun weekend! There is going to be some really great play happening here and we have some dudes who are planning on doing well and going far in the tournament from Austin, but know that there are plenty of people who are just there to have FUN (myself included).

check it out:


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