Friday, October 9, 2009

Polo Around The World

I heard Thursday was a success, ABC news on campus got some good footage and the social ride got some beer, jousting, and foot down! Wish I could've been there. If you didn't know, we (mo) bought the keg of beer and made quite a bit of money from donations... so that money will go to paying the entry fee to either the Como Tourney and/or the NOLA tourney for anyone who can make it to them... assuming we have enough to do so! Go Social Club!

Now for a look at Polo around the world!

This is an image of the clubs map on, the wonderful forum for everything hardcourt bike polo related! If you don't get on there from time to time, you should, we're shaping the way bike polo is played around the world! Just some info from the listing... there are 85 clubs in the U.S., 36 in Europe ( I think I counted those right), 8 in Australia and New Zealand, 4 in Asia, and 2 in South America!!!

Take a look at the London Polo site, they have an actual league where they play everyone and rank each team based on the wins they get from a best of 3 game match! Progression, yes, I do think so!

what do y'all think of all this?

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