Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5th place ain't bad

Chris, Dan, and Miguel, the Broken Spokes, with Josh and Adam the organizers

Our boys the Broken Spokes posing here for their 5th place victory in their first tournament!

There were a total of 13 teams representing 6 cities and 3 states. All were cool people and a lot of fun to watch play. There were 2 all female teams from 2 different cities and the rest were all mens teams. Here are the results as posted by Josh the organizer:

1st Place: PBP (Phoenix) MiniMike, The Mailman, NOD - Undefeated until the finals.
2nd: Bad Decisions (COMO) Charlie, Matt, Chris - Won first game of two game finals.
3rd: Truffle Shuffle (Fort Collins/Denver) Max, Will, Josh
4th: Retroactive Abortion (COMO) Drew, Pete, Joker
5th: Broken Spokes (Austin, TX) Dan, Miguel, Chris
6th: Spayed and Neutered (Denver) Jordan, Zach, Austin, Greg
7th: COMO Girls (COMO) Coleen, Megan, Julia, Maggie
8th: Cleaners (CO Springs) Adam S, Nick, George
9th: Dirty Laundry (CO Springs) Tori, Liza, Jamie
10th: PegLeg (Denver) Adam, Rahja, Dus
11th: TNT (COMO) Tim, Tim, Nick
12th: Dog Dick (Denver) Court, Sam, Pat
13th: Hot Shaft (CO Springs) Collin, Adam N, Chris

Although there was controversy over who really earned 3rd and 4th places, (I think our boys should've gotten 4th) the 1st and 2nd place teams were really good and definitely earned their spots. Phoenix had a G-pa, Uncle, G-son team that dominated the scene, even though they've only been playing hardcourt for a short while, their skills from grass definitely showed. Como brought 15 people who all performed really well. They obviously will be someone to watch out for in the future. Denver, Ft. Collins, and CO Springs teams represented thier state well placing all over in the tourney. Our boys did well in representing us, no-one has seen Austin play and I'm proud that they saw the Broken Spokes first. We need some more teams representing us, we definitely have some talent that'll upset a lot of these teams.

Phoenix 1st place

M.V.P. - Phoenix 1st place

who wants a taco?


This is what happens when you crash into the wall!


  1. woohooo!
    hell yes guys!
    way to go!

  2. awesome!

    good job, fellas.

  3. Little do they know that they have only woken the sleeping giant of the polo world that is ATXBPSC!