Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back from Denver

So we're back from our biggest social outing to date. The first annual Rocky Mountain Bike Polo Open was our first official tournament to send a team to. Miguel, Dan, and Chris did a great job, but I'll post about that later... now look at some pictures of our trip before my camera died.

We drove all night to arrive in Colorado as the sun was coming up from behind the mountains... unfortunately my camera still sucks and won't take good night/dawn/dusk shots, but this one shows the mood at the time... dreary eyes wondering where the hell we were... and how it was so beautiful.

day shots came out much better and mountains look amazing! Also, keep in mind, speed is checked by aircraft... so don't speed, not that we saw any of these aircraft.

Denver has a pedestrian mall along 16th street. Don't ride your bike through there or you may get ticketed... we found out... but the cops are cool and willing to help you find a cool bar to have a beer at, which we never did... at least not the suggested ones.

yes Jordan is ugly.

Do it already!

Riding around Denver, outside the art museum, which we never went into, although our intentions were to go in. I think Miguel has some good pictures of this as well, giant cows and what not.

Ancient Denver ruins.

racing around a grass velodrome... NOT.


I'm not in any pictures, except for this one... not sure how I took that or if I even meant to.

Eventually we went and kicked it, literally, at a park near town, the grass is just so lush... I want to eat it.

We met up with some of the Denver crew and Como kids, Pheonix showed up a little later, and they tried to play some pick up in the dark.

This was taken by Miguel - proper trip packing

just landed.

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