Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bicycle Film Festival and Bike Polo

I hope you all have been paying attention to the Bicycle Film Festival website to see what was going on next week! There is some crazy cool stuff happening, an art show, concerts, afterparties, and of course tons of bike films... including 3 about bike polo, that's right 3 about bike polo.

The first one is on Friday and it's called "Paris Vision," bike polo in Paris. I probably won't be able to make that one because of work, but some of y'all better go and tell me about it, or I'll be very upset.

The second one is on Saturday, entitled "One Less Horse," horse polo vs. bike polo, sounds awesome, that's going to be on Saturday night and we might try to organize a group ride and watch.

The third is also on Saturday night and it's called "Polo Manual," better believe I'll be at that one...

Oh yeah and if you can't make it Saturday, these last two will also be showing on Sunday night after our Bike Polo Tournament, which may be easier for us all to catch. What better way to end a tournament than with some polo shorts, film shorts that is...

OH and if you haven't looked at ticket prices, then let me tell you what they are, unbelievable!!! A festival pass is only 27$, that will get you into all the screenings, but not the Wednesday concert, that'll cost you 15$. Or you could be a goober and pay 10$ for each individual program, which has several films in each. Friday has 2 programs, Saturday has 4 programs, and Sunday is a repeat of 2 programs... that would be 80$ if you didn't have a Festival pass... hmmm.... I say shell out 27$ and see it all, if you can of course.

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