Monday, November 2, 2009

This week and the following...

WOW, I am patiently awaiting Thursday-Friday November 5-6! Why you ask? Well, because, that is when those of us going to COMO are leaving for the tourney and those of us traveling on for the next two weeks, hitting up polo spots across the East coast, are beginning our journey!

I know we're all getting super excited about this! The details are being finalized, we are preparing our minds, our bikes and our bags. We are going to post up stuff from our trip and from the tourneys on the blog so keep checking back from time to time while we're gone. Annie, Mo, Jasmine, Miguel, Casey, Charlie, and Frazer I can't wait for this! Let's make this the most fun possible! We will definitely learn a lot about this game of bicycle polo and about each other, let's make sure we take it in.

Those wanting to go to New Orleans on the 21st and 22nd of November for the New Orleans Hardcourt Bike Polo Open should start thinking about teams and making arrangements to get and stay down there, etc. I really hope a lot of you come down and represent our club. Mo, Charlie, Frazer and I will be ending our trip there, so expect to see us there the day or two before the tourney! Some teams have already been formed so get on it if you want to come! Don't be scared, it's all fun, no matter how good you think you are.

Also, don't forget about Guerrilla polo Tuesday night at midnight. Meet at the Capitol as usual and we'll go to the spot. Thursday Polo I assume will go on at 5:30, you guys seem to be good at getting the stuff or working out who gets the stuff and taking it out there. I'll most likely see you out there on my work break. Sunday Polo this week will have to be arranged by someone willing to get it out there on time! I trust you guys will work it out... and the 2 weeks following!

We also have some more shirts if you want to get some before we leave, we would definitely appreciate it, since that money will be going to pay for gas and tourney fees for us all and make y'all look good representing the atxbpsc. That's all for now.

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3, 2, 1 POLO!


  1. wooooohooooo! sleep is getting harder and harder. so excited.

  2. Good luck guys, represent the ATX in style.

  3. Good luck guys! I'll see you in New Orleans.

  4. excited to fucking stomped in new orleans.....