Monday, January 11, 2010

Dallas Re-cap

As you all know, the ATXBPSC took up a group of players to Dallas this past weekend for a friendly tourney. The court we were originally going to play on, which is the usual spot for the Dallas crew, was having some work done to repair it, so we were forced to play on another, smaller court. Which, if you ask me, turned out just fine. Some guys from Albuquerque, Tulsa, and New Orleans all showed up excited to play. The Dallas crew had a few guys show up on Saturday, but only two came back out for Sunday.

We ended up just playing pick up all day Saturday and did a unique and formal double-elimination style bracket on Sunday, which the Tulsa boys mathmatically calculated out. We ended up with 6 teams for Sunday. Our club had 2 full teams and one player each on the Dallas and Nola teams. The games were fun and exciting and I feel like everyone got to play an equal amount of times.

Now it's time to brag a bit...

Austin - 1st
Nola/Austin - 2nd
Tulsa - 3rd
Austin - 4th
Dallas/Austin - 5th
Albuquerque - 6th

Everyone did really well, I'm happy all you Austin peeps made the trip and especially the ones who stayed for Sunday. Great job you guys!!

Miguel took a bunch of pictures, so expect to see those soon!

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