Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dallas, TX Winter Invitaional Tournament

Who is planning on attending this?! Who are the teams? Who is driving? Let's talk turkey today at polo, we need to devise travel plans, carpooling, teams, etc. I have spoken to my dad who lives in beautiful and exotic Grand Prairie, TX about us crashing at his place and he has given the "ok", I need to know how many people to tell him to expect. If you want to stay at his house with me, please bring a sleeping bag and a pillow and whatever else you might need.

I work Friday until around 3pm, so I will be driving to the DFW that Friday around 4pm. I will have room for three others and I have a bike rack.

See you at polo!


  1. Mo, Rob, Miguel, Israel, Jordan, Dan, Chris, Casey, Kevin for sure

    Rich is a maybe...

    can't remember, is this correct?

  2. all correct. add matt and jacob. now jeff and daniel from NOLA are going to stay at my dad's house too...they are getting there on friday. that is when i plan on heading up there, after i finish work at around 3pm on friday.