Saturday, January 30, 2010

Polo Visitor!! Birthdays! Farewells!! Sunday!!!

Hey Austin, I want to make sure everyone in town will be coming out on Sunday so we can get in lots of great pick-up and LEAGUE GAMES!!! Also, we have a lot of Aquarians in the club celebrating birthdays right now (Dan, Keith, Jasmine, Me...who else?!), Derek will be celebrating his last day of polo in Austin this Sunday, AND we are going to have a visitor from the polo club in Bloomington, Indiana!! I hope everyone can come out and bring their A-games and make Ashley feel welcome, we met her first in COMO at the Midwest Champeenships, then Jazzy and I got to hang with her and her crew for a solid 24 hours at the St Louis Bike Polo Lock-in.

Ashley will be arriving around midnite on Sat night/Sun morning. Anything fun happening? She will be staying with me and I was thinking it'd be fun to maybe gather at Juan and a Million (or some comparable place) for a celebration brunch- all polo players welcome!!!We can toast to the birthday kids and the out of towner, anyone interested? Otherwise, lets make it kind of a picnic party at pick-up. Bring something to share and eat, or drink...

I am off on Monday too so anyone available for polo Monday, holler at me. If she is still in town on Tuesday, I'm sure Ashley would love to play southside polo if anyone could give her a ride to and from the courts? That can be discussed later. Holler at me with fun plans going on this weekend! 797-5483

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