Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Second post (many more to come, I'm sure!) about Bike Polo Spring Break!

Alright polo junkies, it's January so that means Bike Polo Spring Break and SESPI tournament in beautiful and sunny Pennsacola, FL is about one month away. Spring break starts feb 22 and goes thru the week. This includes crazy fun times with polo people from all over the country, activities and competitions throughout the week, tons and tons of pick-up on their roller hockey court that is on the beach, alley cats, BBQs, and probably the time of your life! The actual tournament is that weekend feb 27-28. Accommodations include BEACH HOUSE RENTALS!!!!! The houses tend to sleep loads of bodies so the idea is to get a huge crew to go in on one together. I have sent a message to clubs we met and got along with on our tour to gauge interest on their part in sharing a house. I know some P-cola, Savannah, and NOLA peeps are interested...Austin, who is seriously interested in attending this?! I think the best method is to drive there, we need to think teams, house rental cost breakdown, time duration, and reservation, and transport to and from Pennsacola. Start looking at your calendars, budget, etc!
See everyone Thursday!!


  1. I'm definitely going the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the whole thing, anyone else, wanting to go those days?

  2. I heard they got kicked off their courts.

  3. Hey rob I would prob like to go those days. Might be too hard to ge the whole week off. Are you driving?