Monday, January 11, 2010

League Info

I just checked the league sign up sheet, and we have 17 people signed up online. I'm going to bring out a sheet to sign in person on Sunday, and that will probably be the last attempt at getting people to join in on the fun. So Consider this the last week to sign up for AUSTIN TEXAS'S FIRST HARDCOURT BIKE POLO LEAGUE!!! I know there are a few of you who haven't signed up and intend to, so get to it... just add your name and email to the list. There is NO fee. I'm predicting 7-8 teams, but the more the merrier, right?

After everyone has signed up and we know how many people to expect, there will be a group of us who will get together and try to fairly divide the teams up so that they are all as equally matched as possible. We will have some time to dispute teams if you really just don't agree with us. Then we will begin the league season! The weekend of the 23rd and 24th is a special weekend for us, birthday bash(more to come later), and I would like to start the league play that weekend.

Instead of actually scheduling out games, I think we will post up who you need to play in the order that might work best and it will be up to the teams to organize when they want to play during the week. You will have a week to play your match and send me the results so I can keep our overall results updated. I anticipate that most of the games will be done on either Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday, but if you want to schedule another day, that will be perfectly ok, as long as everyone on your team and the challenging team agrees.

Each team will play every other team in a 2 out of 3 match to determine the winner. So you'll have to beat everyone at least twice if you want to win. At the end of the league we will probably have a party and celebrate how great everyone did and hand out some prizes and whatnot!

And just in case you were wondering, pick-up games will still happen on their normal days, before and after the league games, so don't think that if you don't play in the league you can't play polo. Oh and of course we will need to have at least 2 spectators at the league games to dispute any calls, watch goals, and help to report the score. So keep that in mind when rescheduling games!

I hope this all makes sense! See you on the courts.

3,2,1 Polo


  1. Nice rob, thanks for getting all this together. Do you or anyone else have any extra material for mallets? I would like to make my own for League play.

  2. I have some heads, but no ski poles, if you can find a pole I've got the rest for ya!

  3. Rob, if a mallet head is still unspoken for bring it tonight (if you're coming) or Sunday and I'll buy it off you. Ski poles shouldn't be too difficult to procure.

  4. I don't get to play on Tuesdays, but I can bring it Sunday for sure!