Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Confusion Resolved?

Ok, so I apologize for not making everything crystal clear about the tournament. I will try to here...

Registration for the tournament will be from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday Morning
the fee will be $15 per team - that's $5 a person and it covers both days. This will buy us some food and drinks as we need them throughout the two days.

Saturday's play will be round robin style, with pick up mixed in here and there... if you choose to miss a game or two on Saturday it won't knock you out of the tournament. It will only lower your seeding for Sunday's Double Elimination round. I am going to rank each team based on the amount of wins or losses they have for a Double Elimination bracket for Sunday's play.

Sunday will begin at 12 p.m. again, there is no new registration or fee,
The double elimination round will begin with the top seeds playing the lower seeds
each time a team loses they will be put in the losers bracket, unless they are already there
and the winners will continue in the winners bracket
I will hopefully have this drawn up very big for everyone to see as we go along...
And so it is possible for the winner of the loser's bracket to play the winner of the winner's bracket and come out on top and win the tournament.

It's double elimination, so 2 losses and your out, otherwise you keep playing.

So that's everything, if you plan on doing the race or going to some other events, let me know you do intend to play in the tournament and I will put your team down and you can pay the registration fee when you get there. I assume there will be time to leave and come back on Saturday if you'd like to go to some of the other events.
You don't have to play Saturday if you don't want, but again, you will just be seeded at the bottom for Sunday and will start off playing the best team from Saturday. And you'll miss out on all the fun! Just let me know in advance that you are playing if you won't be there to register before noon on Saturday. call me, text me, whatever - 512.423.5008 give me a team name and the members, thanks y'all!


  1. so.... what youre trying to say is the polo tournament is called off?