Monday, August 31, 2009

November Polo Trip!?

Some of you know, some of you don't, all will soon enough, that some of the bike polo crew have decided that November will be the biggest bike polo social club outing to date and we want you to tag along, if you can of course. Mo, myself, and several other clubbers want to take an extended road trip of the Midwest, Northeast, and of course, the Dirty South to play polo, meet new friends, visit new friends, play polo, ride our bikes, and see things we've never seen before! Mo started a discussion on to get the word out and see if anyone is willing to hook us up with rooms, places to play, etc. This should be our main base of operations for this trip, our blog will update you all from time to time, but the full discussion should happen on here!

I think this is going to be a blast! And to help get it going a little, Mo and I talked briefly about having a party, selling shirts, and how about a bake sale all to raise some funds for us on our trip! This will ensure we don't get stuck on the road somewhere unable to return to our beloved ATXBPSC!

So with all that said, WHO'S COMING WITH US, and who has some ideas?

-ooh ooh I do I do, going along with the shirt idea, since it was already in the back of my mind, here are a couple of designs I created in the last couple of weeks, would you buy a shirt like this? and if so will you buy one?:

That's what I've got so far. If you are interested in any of these let me know and I'll start getting everything set up to make some shirts. Have some other ideas? I'd love to hear them, just let me know! Until next time, ciao!


  1. well shucks, i know i am supposed to be saving my money, but i love the last image of the bunch. the atxbpsc print. so sweet.

  2. yeah that's my favorite too, do you know which picture that is or who those people are, can you tell?

  3. me on the right?
    I'm in on this trip, I'm going to look into renting a Lone Star delivery truck for our set of wheels. Or maybe I should start working for the company as a delivery man...
    I'll report back with my progress

  4. I love how you can tell who the players are from their shaddows:Robert, Miguel, and Daniel, right?

  5. What's the goin rate on these fine t-shirts?

  6. Hey Mo! It's your cousin Ellen. Just know that you have a place to stay here in St. Louis and we are literally half a block away from Forest Park. And we may be going down to Columbia when you pass through there (and to see my lil sis at college).

    Also, a big bike club meets at Turtle Playground every full moon, maybe you can get in contact with some STL cyclists?

    Can't wait to finally see you in action!