Monday, August 10, 2009

Tournament Results!

How about that for a weekend of polo... I've got a bunch of stats I want to post up for the curious and dorky, like me, not to mention the results... but first off I want to say I had a really good time watching all you guys play some really intense polo. I hope you all had as much fun as I did. I know the competition was fierce, and I expected that coming into the tourney, but I hope even though there were some close calls, some rough plays, and some heated rivalries you all still managed to have fun and make some new friends in the process. I also hope you were taking some mental notes and learning a few new strategies in the process, as well as really feeling what it means to play with a team and as a team. For those who played thank you so much for coming out and playing, it was all well worth the effort.

Ok so here are the stats:

There were a total of 47 games played over 2 days. The first days play consisted of 26 round robin games, and I have to apologize for not having that as organized as I could have, I know some of you all didn't get to play all the teams, while a few got to play most, we also ran out of time, so we had to cut it short... but 26 games ain't bad, and I know most of you got in at least 5 or 6, which worked out perfectly to set up the Double Elimination bracket, I feel like the teams were seeded very appropriately. Day 2 had 21 games completing the Double Elim. with 2 Final games. Damn were they intense...

11 teams played the final day which means there were 33 of you all playing. I believe all but 1 or 2 scored a goal at some point in the tourney, but I won't call out who didn't, but I know who you are, ha!

There were 109 goals scored the first day and 130 goals scored the second day!

The first day we only had 6 out of 26 games go all the way to 5 points, remember they were timed.
The second day we had 14 out of 21 go all the way to 5 points, and all but the final 3 matches were timed...
The first day had 9 shut outs, while the second day only had 3, pretty amazing actually.
Jeff from New Orleans repping team Squid Ink had the top goals scored with 31 goals, I know we said it was 33 after the tourney, but it was counted wrong, he still beat the second top goal scorer, which was Jordan from ATX repping Team YSYFWM, by a long shot with 17 goals scored... simply amazing, there were 6 others right behind with 14 and 12 goals scored.

Ok and now about the teams: (in order of seed)

1. Jumbo Cookies - Ryan (pcola) Frazer (Mobile) and Paul (Nola)
2. Squid Ink - Jeff (Nola) Will (Nola) and Mike (DC)
3. Brolo - Colin, Travis, and Dave (Baton Rouge)
4. Hammerhead - Owen, Miguel, and Cyrus (Austin)
5. Backstabbers - Casey, Israel, and Chris (Austin)
6. Black tits - Adam, Max, and Ryan (Denver)
7. You shut your fat whore mouth - Jordan, Dan, Ben (Austin)
8. Dark horse - Keith, Daniel, and Nic (Austin)
9. Titties - Andy, Chris, and Daniel (Austin) and eventually Mark (Baton Rouge)
10. Ball busters - Elise and Kristina (Austin) with Rahja (Denver)
11. Fast folks - Annie, Mo, and Jasmine (Austin)

Team Jumbo Cookies took 1st place with only 1 loss the entire weekend.
Team Squid Ink took 2nd place with 3 losses the entire weekend.
Team HammerHead took 3rd place.
Team Backstabbers took 4th.
Teams YSYFWM and Brolo tied for 5th place.

And of course I would post the Bracket, don't want y'all thinking I keep secrets...

We also had several side events that happened in between some of the games. There was a Mallet toss, thanks Ahlee for the suggestion, which Keith from ATX won by only a few feet. The footdown comp was won by Ryan from Denver. We also had a skip race, thanks to Jasmine for the suggestion, which was won by Chris from ATX. The best crash award went to Jasmine for getting nailed in the eye by a mallet, gashing it open pretty good. And the Farthest travelling team came from Denver, so they all got something for that.

And of course I would like to thank Jeanette and Brian from the ATX Bicycle Film Festival for helping us out and allowing us to do our first bike polo tournament during the festivities. I would also like the thank some of our wonderful sponsors, whom without their support we would not have been able to provide the wonderful prizes we gave out.

Owen from Hammerhead Bikes here in Austin, who also played in the tourney!!

Russel from Psychlist right here in Austin!!

Kay from Kurban Trash Co, who makes some of the coolest recycled product bags and pouches out there, also a good polo player, from right here in Austin!!

Empire BMX, also from Austin!!

Natalie from Fast Folks, who had a team repping in the tourney, also here in Austin!!

And of course the guys from Urban Velo!!

This is my favorite picture so far
next to this one

no no... this is my favorite by far, Paul your wheel cover is so obscene!


  1. wow those stats are cool, that is so interesting how the teams improved from day to day 2. im bummed i had to leave early for a flight, but if i didnt get to say bye to you, i will surely see you soon at a tourny soon. Thanks for welcoming us with open arms Austin. -adam

  2. so why is dark horse below titties? we beat those guys.

    great weekend... thanks so much, rob. had a blast!

    and pelone... your the fuckin man. a reverse cross court shot in sudden death? you're bad man.

  3. Keith, you're right, you were seeded ahead of Titties, I got them out of order, sorry about that... I'll fix it and this comment won't even matter!

  4. actually it looks like i got them out of order in the bracket too... oops my bad... worked out though! live and learn man, i'm livin and learnin!

  5. rob, you put on one helluva tournament! you rock dude! can't wait to hit the court on Thurs!

  6. if ya'll have any broken foot straps lying around bring them to polo this thursday or sunday. i'm going to make top tube pads with straps to hold your mallet(s). bring me supplies and i'll sell it to you super cheap. ride safe, have fun!


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