Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cousins Brothers Sorted Out...

Ha, no that is not me in the previous post. I was on the side next to the Russian immigrant (a 50+ year old with a sweet track bike riding fixed in Spokane) taking the video. That is my brother Reese (in the cycling cap) who turned me on to bike polo. The Pullman/Moscow club started playing some time last spring. This year they went up to Spokane and got polo going there as well. The Spokane club is in its infancy, but like us they love the game and are eager to play when they have enough people. A lot of the players in both clubs are college students and were out of town when I visited, thus the two on two games. All in all it was great fun, especially playing in the rain! That added a whole new dimension to the game. The best part of the trip was scoring 21 ski poles for new mallets! By the way if you used one to build a mallet please spot Rob $5 for the pole and $5 for the tubing, if you haven't done so already. We are using the funds for new balls, beer, a polo bike for Jimmy/Max :), etc. That's funny Rob, I called you and left a message after that game at precisely the same time you were breaking your wrist...actually that's not funny, I'm glad your healed up. Watch out for the wheelie shot! Jordan has already got it down.

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  1. haha, I see the difference now between you and your brother, now it's your turn to tell the difference between me and my brother, ha...

    and no it wasn't funny that I was breaking my wrist, but it's funny now... sort of... ok not really!

    Thanks for clearing all that up Cyrus!