Monday, August 3, 2009

Tournament Week

The Tournament is THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. Registration starts around 11 a.m. and games will begin at Noon. Please come early and register your team and pay the 15 $ so I can get the bracket all together before we need to start playing. Sunday play will begin at noon again, and I'll have the brackets ready for that. The tournament will be round robin style on Saturday and we will use the results from Saturday to seed the teams for Sunday's double elimination. So that means on Sunday two losses and you're out! This two day tournament should give everyone a good amount of play, we want y'all to play as much as possible. We have teams traveling in from several different places and want them to get in as much play as possible with our Austin club.

We'll have some food and some drinks available. We'll also hopefully have some seating available so we don't have to stand the whole time.... ummm what else.... oh and if you guys have the time or the energy get some team uniforms together... a unifying shirt or something so you look like a team. It will make things easier for the spectators who don't understand the chaos. And tell your friends and family to come watch... it should be a lot of fun. We will also do some side games and activities to get the spectators involved and keep things fun and not too serious. Have fun!!!


  1. well, if anyone needs an extra player, I'll be around. There was a freak accident last Tuesday involving a UPS truck and a septic truck, so I had to miss yesterday to attend a viewing in San Antonio at 5:00, but let me know if y'all need anything this weekend, and I'll be happy to help. My email is, or holla at 512.699.6665. I'll even loan out Special Ed if needed.

  2. oh man. i guess i thought the tourny only happenend on sunday. that means no alleycat participation on saturday.....

  3. The tournament has been a two day event this whole time, the original flyer always said Saturday and Sunday... it seems not very many people picked up on this. I hope this isn't a problem.

    Steve come out early on Saturday and you will be able to find a team!

  4. Mo, you might be able to do the race, we can maybe work out your games before the race... or after... when does it start?

  5. mo, havent you ever seen those movies where the person runs back and forth between two events doing their best not to have anyone notice their absent?
    this is why you need a tv!

  6. for some reason i was under the impression that saturday was only pick-up games...
    no worries. i will make it work.
    the race starts at 11 i think. or 11:30.

    also, the $15 fee, is that per person, per day? or per team, per day? or per team or per person, for both days?

  7. It won't be a big deal if you race and then come out to polo later, really if you didn't want to play on Saturday at all you could, you would just be seeded at the bottom for Sunday.

    The 15$ fee is per team and for both days... just pay once... it will be used to get us food and drinks as we need them throughout both days... hopefully...