Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Today Polo Today

It's Thursday and we are back at good ol' EASTWOODS PARK! Metz was fun, but I'm not bringing those boards out everyweek and I think y'all don't want to have to ride so far, except for a few who live close by. Either way, our usual spot is calling for us... I'm sure no one has used those tennis courts since we've been gone... so it's time to pick-up games again at Eastwooods. Bring your bikes, mallets, if you got 'em, and Cyrus will bring the rest.

Also, our friend K from Kurban Trash Co. has requested that you bring any and all broken foot straps, plastic bags, velcro, thread, and stencils to pick up as she is going to be making some top tube pads that'll hold a polo mallet.... pretty f-n sweet if you ask me. You know you want and need one... or two! So do it and she'll sell to us all for real cheap!

I hope to make it out during my work break so y'all better be there playing! Ciao!

oh and here is some video from this past tournament weekend! Thanks Miguel, you just can't keep them wheels lookin' good! ha

bike polo tournament-austin texas from miguel reyes on Vimeo.

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