Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too many ideas, so little time to post....

Hey, to all who have gone to the South Side pick up on Tuesday...

I was wondering if this would be a good opportunity for us to have an actual Beginners day? Some cities do this when the level of competition gets too high for those just learning. I know we're not all that good yet, but it can be a daunting task to jump in a game with skilled players. If we market this day as a beginners day, I'll bet we can get a bunch more people to come out regularly.

What do you all think?

Not saying that only beginners can go to this, but they would have priority over people like myself or Miguel when the mallets are being tossed. I'll try and find out how many clubs across the country have beginners day.

Comment below to have a say!


  1. experienced rider but haven't played polo - I want to get in on this shindig and a beginner's day would definitely be a bonus

  2. Hey, I play polo in Indiana. I actually met Mo and Annie very briefly at Midwestern's in November. I played on a little brown folding bike.

    Anyway, I'm leaving to visit my parents in northern Texas tomorrow, and I was hoping to maybe make a trip out to Austin to play with you guys. Sunday or Tuesday possibly? I was wondering if anyone might have a bike I could play on and a place to stay for a night? Sorry if I'm hoping for too much, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.


  3. Ashley, you will definitely be able to borrow a bike and mallet, and we will for sure house you, maybe one of the ladies will respond and you can stay with them! look forward to it!

  4. Great idea Rob. I want everyone to feel welcome, so if Happy Hour Polo get's to be the most beginner friendly game in town I'm all for it!

    Even though it can be frustrating at times as a beginner to go up against pros, it also helped me pick up the game quickly.

    Several people, beginners and not, remarked that Tuesday was one of the best days they've had playing polo. I think the main reason is because we had some very well balanced, high scoring matches. Miguel and Pelon both came out, and while I think they were both adapting a bit to the level of play they were up against, I think they both had a good time too.

    I think if we just try to make sure the teams are well balanced when there are beginners on the court everyone can play and have some really good games.

    We had 20 people show up, and if we continue to have that kind of turn out, I'm sure we'll start to see games on both sides of the courts at the same time. If people were into it we could do beginner's only on one side, and more experienced players on the other.

  5. hey ashley!mo here! come on down to austin! i have loads of space, live in a really hilly part of town so biking may be difficult, but doable. i live on a bus line that takes you right into downtown, and my bro (my housemate) has a car. email me, and lets talk details. we play polo 2-whenever on sunday, tuesday they play southside happy hour polo. i work during that time, but we could arrange someone to pick you up for sure!

  6. Let's just see what happens...

    Who would want to play at the south courts on a Sunday in the next few weeks, after all the holiday excitement?