Wednesday, December 16, 2009

South Central Region on .ca

Hey everyone! (or those who frequent The League of Bike Polo website)

Get on there and join the group for the South Central Region! We are officially a Region now. I am waiting to hear back from a few of the clubs to get their representatives, and once I have them all, I'll post up the info on the South Central Region site, so everyone knows who to contact in what area. From there, the club reps will then choose 3 regional reps to do the dirty deeds with the NAHBP peeps. This is exciting y'all, and if you don't think so, you are not taking bike polo seriously enough!

As you can see, I'm the only member so far! I also hope you can see we've added Mexico to our group in the South Central! Yeah, there is one club in Mexico, hopefully we'll see them before too long!

p.s. it seems .ca has officially switched over to a .com, so all my references to .ca, I'm really referring to, formerly known as

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