Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, today, I assume someone will come by and pick up the cones and the extra mallet or two I have laying around, along with a ball or two, I also have laying around, to start polo at or around 5:30. I'm not going to spend time calling you all to figure out who that person is, I know you all will get it. I always try to spend a little extra time away from work on Thursdays, on my break, to come play, and I'm hoping today is no different, its certainly a beautiful day so far.

For Sunday, let's get as many poloers out to the courts as possible to take a group picture for the holidays. I think that would be nice, plus it will be like a pre-party to the Holiday party Jasmine is hosting at her place on Monday, the 14th. If you can't make it out, don't worry, I'm fairly proficient at photoshop and can just add you in at a later time, to the picture, not the party! Maybe we can have a cookout or something similar on Sunday to encourage you fools to come out. Plus, I won't get to see you all on Monday, as I will be working, so it will give me a chance to party too! Four LOKOS for everyone!!!! j/k

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