Wednesday, December 16, 2009


For those who were going to STL:

Hey everyone who has "signed-up" for the lock-in on .ca,

After much consideration, some amount of hand-wringing, and many failed attempts to get a title sponsor to pay the rental fee for 23 hours at the Skatium, StL bike polo has finally arrived at a formula that we think is going to make this event a success. Due to space/capacity issues, food budgets, fair access to the one court in the place, etc. We have decided to limit entry to this event to 80 persons, and to charge 20 dollars per. This will include 4 meals, snacks, beer, water, and coffee.

The show will go more-or-less as follows: All games all day and night will be played to 10 minutes. We have a scoreboard with a time clock and a buzzer. 4/5ths of these will be straight pick-up. Once an hour, a called game will be had. These will be distributed by lottery, which means if you already know who your three are, and which three you want to play, that's are 6 chances for that game to be had sometime during the event.
Weather averages for St Louis for that time of year are a high of 37 and a low of 21, it is usually clear and dry the third weekend of January. I say this for two reasons: 1. To let all the yahoos from south of here who plan on coming know to dress warm, and 2. To say that if you feel that you aren't getting enough polo, our regular Sunday pick up court is 3 miles up the road from the Skatium.

To reserve your spot, please paypal us 20 dollars via " Lucky at " Careful records will be kept and full refunds will be given to people whose availability changes between now and January 16th. This is the paypal account that I conduct St. Cago Polo Works business through, if that helps anyone get over sending money to a near stranger. Full disclosure of all funds taken in and how they were spent will be available after the event.

A block of 20 tickets have been reserved for Saturday night's Blues vs Rangers NHL game. These tickets will be 39 dollars each. We will be traveling by city bus, which is 2.25 each way and happens to go door to door from the Skatium to the Scottrade Center. If you are interested in attending the hockey game, make a note of it in your reservation and, if you are able, send that 39 dollar ticket price at the same time.

I'll do my damndest to keep the tallies updated on the Tournament thread, so you can all feel that deadline and make your travel plans.

Thanks in advance for all your trust, we're looking forward to filling your bellies, wetting your throats, and keeping you up all night playing polo indoors in the dead of winter. -Lucky and all of StL Bike Polo

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  1. i payed and reserved my spot. who's going with me?!