Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blog Bombs!

Sorry about the multiple posts people, but I have this info fresh on my mind....
The Holiday Party date has been officially CHANGED to Monday Dec 14th! It will be at Jasmine's house. Bring a dish and some drinks for you. The gift exchange will be a casual affair, in order to participate please make/bake/or find a thrift store treasure to trade with a friend. we dont expect anyone to break the bank for a gift so keep 'em simple, sillies!

get the details at polo, on facebook, email, or call me.

k. bye now.


  1. great it's on a monday, I can't come

  2. can't we do it on a Saturday night or on Sunday? We don't have to play polo, but we could just go do something after polo on Sunday, maybe at a set time like 7 pm... then we would all be together and it would be easy to go somewhere after that...

  3. I can't do Saturday or Sunday but could do Monday...not that I trump Rob or anything.

  4. how about january?