Monday, February 22, 2010


MAN! Polo was fun yesterday folks, I had a great time! I wish we could of had more teams out to play some league games, some of you guys haven't even played a single game yet, ??? , I suppose they will get done when they get done, if you all want them to get done...

All the new faces was amazing, and all the spectators, hopefully, we can get you all to play soon! Here is the schedule for this week, come out and have fun. If you meet up on another day, let everyone else know so they can come out too!

Tuesday Polo Southside 5:00 pm Joslin Park
Midnight Polo at the Capitol at, well, Midnight!

Thursday Polo at Eastwoods Park 5:30 pm

Sunday Polo at Eastwoods Park 2-3 ish pm

This weekend, I will be gone, with Miguel, Jasmine, Israel, and Casey,... we are going to Pensacola for the South East Side Polo Invite, SESPI, which will be the end of Bike Polo Spring Break, which Mo and Charlie are at now, having a good time no doubt!


  1. Hey. Kristina and I are heading down there Thursday night and coming back Sunday afternoon. Does anyone need a ride or a team member? Also, are there any places to stay still? :)

  2. Otherwise we're staying in the car... which is cool too.

  3. Awesome Elise and Kristina!!!