Monday, February 15, 2010

This week!

Yesterday was awesome. There were several league games that took place, thanks teams for showing up, and plenty of pick-up, or at least until that wonderful wind came and blew us all away. I am so tired today, I can't believe it. All that polo love!

From our group outing last night after polo, several of us thought that we should just play polo everyday of the week! So, if anyone wants to play some polo, just let people know, come by my house, get the cones, go play polo, then bring my cones back to my house! I would like to stress bringing the cones back to my house, you all should never go home with my cones, just so other people can use them when they want to. ya dig!? This would be a good way to get in some of those league game we're all lagging behind on...

On another polo note, it was also suggested doing an earlier morning weekday polo day. Probably Monday or Wednesday and probably from 10-2 or something like that. Would anyone be interested in this. Who would be able to come and who would actually come!?

Also, this Tuesday, if anyone wants to meet up at midnight and get guerrilla polo going again, I'll be out there with my stuff, so come meet me up at the Capitol at Midnight on Tuesday and we'll go find a spot to play!

Tuesday Southside Polo will happen down at Joslin, like always, 5:30 is the time.

This weekend, well, I'll post on that later!

Next week is the Bike Polo Spring Break...


  1. He really means "Tuesday down at joslin"...

  2. oops yes thanks derek, how ABQ?